How to test voice on Discord – Simple method

Discord offers a lot of features that help control and improve sound quality. One such feature is the ability to test your voice or mic on Discord.

Testing your voice can help you check whether your mic is working properly. Sometimes, your mic can bug out and cause others to be unable to hear you.

It can also help alert you about possible issues, like your Mobile Mic not working with Discord. Here’s how to do it.

How to test voice on Discord

Testing your voice on Discord is a fairly easy feat to achieve – you can usually do this by going into your Discord settings (the gear icon) and then using the mic test feature.

If you’re not sure how to do that, we’ll now explain how you can test your voice on Discord in this article.

On Desktop

You can test your voice on Discord using both Desktop and Mobile devices.

We’ll start by explaining how you can test your voice on the Desktop version of Discord.

First of all, launch the Discord app and open the user settings. You can access these settings by selecting the gear in the bottom left.

In the user settings, click on the ‘Voice & Video’ tab.


In the ‘Voice & Video’ tab, there should be a section labelled ‘mic test’. In the ‘mic test’ section, you should be able to find an option called ‘let’s check’.

Click on the ‘let’s check’ option to test your voice/mic. After clicking the option, speak into your mic.

If Discord is registering your voice, the lines next to ‘let’s check’ should light up.

The more lines that light up, the louder your voice is.

The Discord app should also be playing back your voice to you as you test your mic. You can use this feature to hear what your voice sounds like in Discord.

If you find that your voice is too quiet or loud, you can change your voice volume using the ‘input volume’ and ‘output volume’ sliders.

If Discord is failing to detect your voice, double-check your chosen input device.

If the device is incorrect, you can change it by clicking on the drop-down menu and selecting another device.

If changing your input device didn’t fix the issue, you can try checking your ‘input mode’. Beneath the ‘mic test’ section, there’s a section labelled ‘input mode’.

By default, the ‘voice activity’ option should be selected. This means that Discord will detect your voice if you speak into your mic.

If the ‘push-to-talk’ option has instead been selected, change it by clicking the ‘voice activity’ option. Now, try testing your voice again.

When you’re finished testing your voice, click the ‘stop testing’ option.

On Mobile

We’ll now discuss how you can test your voice on the Mobile version of Discord.

Open the Discord client and navigate to the user settings. You can do this by pressing the three lines in the top left, and selecting your profile icon in the bottom right.

In the user settings, press the ‘voice’ option.


In the ‘voice’ settings, you should be able to test your voice. Beneath the section for ‘sensitivity’, there should be a grey bar.

As you speak into the mic, the bar will light up if it detects your voice.

Unlike on Desktop, the bar does not indicate the volume of your voice. When Discord detects your voice, the whole bar will light up.

If Discord seems to be struggling to detect your voice, you can try altering the volume of your voice using the volume slider.

It should be located beneath the ‘output’ section.

How to test voice on device

You can also test your voice using the settings for your device – in this example, we’re using a standard Windows laptop to test the microphone.

Open your device settings by pressing Windows-key + I. Then, select the ‘sound’ option to access the sound settings.

You can also access these settings by searching for ‘sound’ in the Start Menu, and selecting the ‘open’ option.


In the sound settings, scroll until you find the ‘input’ section. In the ‘input’ section, locate your mic device and click on it.


Next, click on the ‘start test’ option. It should be underneath the ‘input settings’ heading. You can now start testing your voice by speaking into the mic.

When you’re finished, click ‘stop test’. The results of the mic test should now be visible next to the ‘start test’ option.

It should display how loud your voice was. Any percentage above 0% means that your voice was detected.

If you think your voice is too quiet or loud, you can adjust the volume using the ‘input volume’ slider.

How to change sound quality in Discord

If you wish to change the sound quality in Discord, there are several ways to do so.

The first feature for altering sound quality in Discord is ‘noise suppression’.

Enabling this feature helps supress background noise or static, which improves overall sound quality.


The next feature for altering sound quality is ‘echo cancellation’. Enabling this feature helps suppress and stop Discord echoing.

You can also choose to disable ‘echo cancellation’ and enable ‘noise reduction’ instead. ‘Noise reduction’ helps reduce background noise.

To enable ‘noise reduction’, ‘echo cancellation’ must first be disabled and vice versa.

Another sound feature is ‘automatic gain control’, which helps perpetuate a stable output and improves sound quality.


Discord also has a feature called ‘enabled quality of service high packet priority’.

This feature helps your router consider Discord’s transmissions as high priority.


Finally, Discord has the ‘attenuation’ feature, which helps lower the volume of other programs whenever someone speaks.

You can make it so that the feature is only active when you speak, or when others speak.

You can also enable both options to make attenuation active whenever anyone speaks.

Playing around with the input sensitivity and other settings can be a good idea – you can always reset voice settings when you’re done.


In conclusion, you can test your voice on Discord using the ‘Voice & Video’ settings and selecting the mic test feature.

You can test your voice on both the Desktop and Mobile versions of Discord too, so no matter what your default device is, you should be able to find a solution.


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