Discord mobile mic not working – How to fix

Discord is a platform for communicating with other users. You can DM people, message in group servers, or voice call people. Voice calls are only available in voice channels. Every Discord server has a voice channel by default. Whenever you enter a voice channel, a Discord voice call is automatically started.

Don’t worry. Discord voice calls are different from normal calls. When you start a voice call in Discord, you are merely allowing Discord to access your mic. Other members won’t directly receive a call when you do this. Neither will there be an option for accepting or rejecting the call.

They will merely be able to see that you’re in the voice channel if they’re on Discord. They can join the call by entering the voice channel as well. If you wish to close a voice call, simply exit the voice channel.

Discord mobile mic not working – This is what to do

Sometimes, your friends may struggle to hear you during a Discord voice call. This may be the result of a faulty mic on your end. The most useful thing you can do in this circumstance is the restart and update your device to make sure it’s not causing the issue.

You may also need to play with your user settings and voice settings to get your Discord mic working again properly. If you’re having mic problems on Discord, there are a number of ways to solve them.

Update Device

If your mic is acting up on Discord, it may be due to your phone using outdated software. Try checking whether your OS can be updated to the latest version or whether you’re already using it.

If you’re not using the latest version, this could stop your Discord mic from working properly, and you’ll probably want to update your device if so.

For iOS

To check for available software updates, press on Settings > General > Software Update. Any available updates should be shown there. To install a software update, press the ‘download and install’ option.

Once the update has been installed, try voice calling in Discord once more to see if your mic works now.

For Android

To check for OS updates, navigate to Settings > Software Update > Download and Install. To install a software update, press the download option.

After your device has been updated, use the Discord app to voice call once more to see if the mic works now.

Update Discord

If updating your phone’s software didn’t work in solving your mic problems, the issue may lie with the Discord app. Try checking whether the app needs updating.

For iOS

To update Discord, first launch the App Store app. Select your account icon in the top right, and press the ‘purchased’ option.

This should showcase all your purchased apps. Locate the Discord app. If there’s an update available for the app, there should be an ‘update’ option next to the app. Press the ‘update’ option to update the Discord app.

Once the app has finished updating, launch it and try using your mic again.

For Android

To check whether Discord needs updating, open the Google Play Store app. Press on your profile icon, and select the ‘manage apps and device’ option.

Navigate to the ‘manage’ tab. A list of your currently installed apps should then appear.

Select the ‘updates available’ option. This should make it so that only apps with available updates appear. If Discord is shown to have an update available, update the app by pressing the ‘update’ option.

After the app has finished updating, try using your mic in Discord once more to see if the issue persists.

Check Discord Settings

If updating the Discord app didn’t help resolve your mic issues, there may exist a problem in your Discord settings.

Firstly, check whether you’ve been muted in the Discord app. You can do this by entering a voice channel, and selecting the person icon in the top right. Press on your username. A tab should appear showcasing a set of options.

If you’re using an iOS device, make sure that the ‘mute’ option is visible. If it is, it means that you’re currently unmuted. If the ‘unmute’ option is visible, it means you’ve been muted. Press the ‘unmute’ option to unmute yourself.

If you’re using an Android device, make sure that the switch for ‘mute’ has been toggled off. If it’s been toggled on, you’re currently muted. Press on the switch to toggle it off.

Next, check your sound settings in Discord. Open the Discord app, and open up the user settings. You can access them by pressing the three lines, and then selecting your profile picture in the lower right.

If you’re using an iOS device, select the ‘Voice’ option.

If you’re using an Android device, select the ‘Voice & Video’ option.

Firstly, make sure that the option for ‘input mode’ has been set to ‘voice activity’. If it’s been set to ‘push to talk’, change it by pressing on ‘input mode’ and selecting ‘voice activity.

You can also test your mic in these settings. If you’re on iOS, simply speak into the mic. Below the ‘sensitivity’ section, there should be a grey bar. When it receives sound from your mic, the bar will detect it by turning green.

If you’re on Android, select the ‘test my microphone’ option. A grey bar should then appear. If it detects sound from your mic, it will turn green. Simply speak into your mic to test it.

You should also check the volume settings. Beneath the section for ‘output’, there should be a slider for the volume. Make sure that it’s not set too low. Try turning the volume up to see if it helps solve your mic problems.

Once you’re finished with the sound settings, try voice calling in Discord once more to see if the mic issue has been fixed.


In conclusion, your mic can sometimes experience problems in Discord. There are times where Discord can hear your audio, or even in some cases, Discord can sound like a robot – these problems are relatively common.

In your mics case, may be due to your device or app being outdated, or there may be an issue with your Discord settings. Try updating your device or app, and check your sound settings in Discord.

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