Why is Discord echoing? – How to fix

Discord is a free messaging service, which is particularly well-known in the gaming community. The platform supports group chats of any size, and offers a large range of features.

Such features consist of texting, voice-calling, adding emotes, screen-sharing, assigning roles, and much more.

Discord’s voice-call feature comes in the form of voice channels. By default, each server comes with a text channel and a voice channel. You can chat with other members by entering the voice channel, and allowing Discord access to your mic.

There can be some issues that crop up when using the voice feature on Discord. One common issue is echoing.

Why is Discord echoing?

During a voice call in Discord, your voice can start to echo whenever you talk. This can be very distracting and irritating, especially if you’re multi-tasking whilst on call. Usually restarting the app with fix Discord echo cancellation, but that doesn’t always work.

There are few reasons for why echoing can occur in Discord. We’ll be covering some of those reasons along with ways in which to solve them.

Restart Discord

Discord may be echoing because of a slight glitch or bug in the Discord client. Try restarting the program to see if it fixes the echo problem.

To restart Discord, first close the application. You can do this by clicking the ‘x’ in the top right. Or, you can close Discord using the Task Manager (Windows-key + ‘x’, then click ‘Task Manager’). Select Discord, and click ‘end task’ in the bottom right to end the program.


After you’ve closed the program, relaunch it by double-clicking the Discord Desktop Shortcut. Or, you can search ‘discord’ in the Start Menu and click ‘open’ to restart Discord.


Restart Device

Discord could be echoing due to an issue with your device. Your device may be overheating from using too much power. Try rebooting its system by restarting it.

Go to Start menu > Power Button > Restart.


Then, relaunch Discord to see if the echo problem has been resolved. In most cases, this will stop echo cancellation in your Discord voice calls – though not always.

Enable Noise Suppression

Discord uses a software called Krisp, that helps with noise suppression and overall sound quality. This also works in preventing echoing from occurring.

If Krisp’s noise suppression has been disabled, Discord could experience echoing. Check whether you’ve enabled noise suppression, and re-enable it if it’s been disabled.

Open the Discord client and enter one of your group servers. Click on a voice channel to start a Discord call. You should now be able to access the noise suppression settings.


Click on the wave icon to access these settings. Look at the option for noise suppression. Make sure that the switch for it has been toggled on. If it’s not on, click on the switch to toggle it.

Check Discord Settings

You can also check Discord’s sound settings to see if any options need changing. If certain features are enabled or disabled, it can cause echoing to occur.

Open the Discord app, and click on the gear icon in the lower left. This should take you to the Discord settings. Click on the ‘Voice and Video’ tab to open the sound settings.


Firstly, look at the input and output device options near the top. Make sure that the correct devices have been selected.

Then, scroll down until you see the ‘echo cancellation’ option. Make sure that the option has been enabled.


Next, scroll down some more until you locate the ‘enable quality of service high packet priority’ option. If it’s already enabled, try disabling it.

Or, if it’s already disabled, try enabling it. Then, scroll until you see the section for ‘audio subsystem’. Make sure that the option has been set to ‘standard’.

Now, try voice-chatting again to see if the echo problem has been fixed.

Check Sounds Settings

Discord may be echoing due to an issue with your device’s sound settings. Open the sound settings by searching ‘sound’ in the Start Menu. Click ‘open’ to launch the sound settings.


Firstly, check whether the input and output devices are correct. Then, select ‘more sound settings’. This should open up a new window. Select the ‘playback’ tab’.


Check to see whether the default device is correct. If it’s not correct, you can disable it and choose another default device by right-clicking the relevant devices. Afterwards, navigate to the recording tab.


Make sure that the default device is correct. Then, right-click on it and select ‘properties’. Click on the ‘listen’ tab.


Check the box for ‘listen to this device’. After you’re done, click ‘apply’ to confirm the changes. Then, click ‘ok’ to close the window. Restart your device and launch Discord once more to see if the echoing still persists.

Change Headsets

Discord may be echoing due to an issue with your mic. If you’re using a poor quality mic, it could be the cause for the echoing.

Or, if you’re using an external mic, there may be an issue with your mic jack. Try using another mic or headset to see if it solves the echoing problem.

Check your internet connection

Although not the most common reason, a poor internet connection could be the reason why you’re experiencing echo cancellation or background noise on Discord.

Fortunately, you can usually fix this by simply restarting your router. You can also try connection to another network or hotspot to see if it’s a specific problem with your home broadband too.


In conclusion, there are a few reasons for why Discord could be echoing. The Discord client could be experiencing issues, or there may be a problem with your sound settings. Try restarting the program, or altering your sound settings.

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