RTC Connecting Discord No Route error – How to fix

Discord is an application for text-messaging and voice-chatting with other users.

The platform also comes with a variety of additional features, including many organisational tools and customisation options.

Usually, the Discord client has no trouble functioning properly, but there can be times where the application experiences issues.

One such issue is the RTC Connecting No Route error, which appears when Discord is having difficulty reaching a voice server.

Discord RTC Connecting No Route error – Fixed

The No Route error will prevent users from entering a voice channel. This could be due to Discord having trouble with their connections, or it could be an error occurring on your end.

Regardless, there are ways to bypass this problem, some of which we’ll discuss in this article.

This can include changing your server settings by switching your server region, disabling your antivirus or even just restarting your device to fix the RTC connecting error.

The good news is that if you’re getting these error messages, it’s fairly easy to fix.

We’ll now start discussing solutions for fixing the RTC Connecting No Route error.

Step 1: Restart Discord App

The simplest and easiest method for fixing the Discord error is by restarting the Discord application.

You should try this simple method before attempting any more complicated ones.

Restarting the Discord client can help refresh the app, which may solve any slight bugs or glitches currently occurring. It can also help refresh Discord’s connection to its servers.

To restart the Discord client, simply click the ‘x’ icon to first close the program. You can also use the Task Manager to shut the program if the Discord client is frozen.

Just open the Task Manager (Windows-key + X > Task Manager), select the Discord app, and click ‘end task’ to close the program.


After closing the Discord client, relaunch it by double-clicking the Discord shortcut.

Or, search for the Discord app in the Start Menu, and select the ‘open’ option.

Once you’ve restarted the Discord app, try entering a voice channel to see if the No Route error still appears.

Step 2: Restart Device

If restarting the Discord client didn’t work in solving the Discord error, try doing a full system refresh by restarting your device.

In order to restart your device, select the Start menu > Power Button > Restart.


If you’re unable to open the Start Menu for whatever reason, you can restart your device by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete > Power Button > Restart.

After restarting your device, launch Discord and try going on a voice channel to see if the error still appears.

Step 3: Disable or Edit Windows Firewall

Another method for fixing the No Route error is by disabling Windows Defender Firewall.

Windows Defender Firewall is the default Firewall program on Window devices.

Sometimes, Windows Firewall can prevent applications from executing certain actions as a method of protecting your device.

The Firewall can also end up preventing harmless actions from occurring.

This means that it may be also preventing Discord from connecting to any voice servers. To solve this, you can simply disable the Firewall program.

Or, if you don’t wish to disable the entire program, you can make it so that the Firewall allows Discord to bypass its defences. This will ensure that the Firewall program doesn’t interfere with Discord’s functionality.

We’ll first discuss how you can disable Windows Defender Firewall. Launch the Firewall program by searching ‘firewall’ in the Start Menu, and selecting the ‘control panel’ option.

Once you’ve opened the Firewall program, select ‘turn Windows Defender on or off’ from the left side tab.


Next, check both boxes next to ‘turn off Windows Defender Firewall’. The firewall should now be disabled.

After disabling Windows Firewall, try entering a Discord voice channel to see if the No Route error has been fixed.

Alternatively, you can make the Firewall allow Discord past its defences instead of disabling the whole program.

Disabling the Firewall program can leave your device open to viruses or other dangers. Therefore, this method is a safer solution to fixing the No Route error.

Firstly, open Windows Defender Firewall and select ‘allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall’.

This should take you to a list of applications. Scroll through the apps until you locate the Discord app.


Once you’ve found the Discord app, tick both boxes next to it. Press ‘ok’ when you’re done.

Discord should now be allowed past the Firewall’s defences on both private and public network connections.

Afterwards, launch Discord and try using a voice channel to see if the No Route error still persists.

Step 4: Alter Voice Region

Discord may be experiencing connection issues due to the server in your region. Discord has different servers for different regions.

By default, you should be on the server based in your current location. You can change a channel’s region manually using the settings.

Try changing the voice channel’s region to see if it solves the No Route error.

Be aware that you can only accomplish this is if you have admin privileges in said server.

Firstly, launch the Discord client and enter your server. In the left side tab, there should be a list of channels in the server. Locate the voice channel you’re having problems with, and hover over it.

A set of small icons should appear beside the channel name. Select the small gear icon to open up the channel settings.

Alternatively, you could right-click on the voice channel, and select ‘edit channel’ to reach the channel settings.

By default, you should be in the ‘overview’ tab. In the tab, scroll down until you find the ‘region override’ section. There should be a drop-down menu located there.

Click on the drop-down menu, and choose a new region for the channel. Try choosing a region close to your current location.

Now, try accessing the voice channel again to see if the No Route error still appears.

You can test voice on Discord to ensure that the channel is working properly, too.

Step 5: Change DNS Server

Your internet service provider will give you a preferred DNS server, but that server may not be able to return the data that you need.

In this scenario, it’s best to switch to an alternative DNS server. You can do this on Windows by;

  1. Press the Start menu.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Click Network & Internet.
  4. Go to Adapter Options.
  5. Select your WiFi network server.
  6. Click Properties, then Use Following DNS Server Addresses.
  7. Then, enter in your own Google DNS servers ( and (

You can also change your DNS server on MacOS by;

  1. Clicking the Apple Icon.
  2. Then, select Preferences.
  3. Go to Network.
  4. Select your server, then click the Advanced button.
  5. Click the DNS tab.
  6. Enter in Google’s DNS servers ( and (

DNS servers are often a problem for Discord users, but switching over can help when it comes to maintaining outgoing connections.

Step 6: Use your Discord browser

The next method you can consider trying is really only a temporary solution until you can fix Discord, you can try using your browser instead of using the Discord client.

You can simply head to Discord.com to open Discord directly through browser, whether you’re on mobile or desktop.

Step 7: Restart your internet connection

As well as changing your server’s voice region, Discord users may also want to restart their network connection.

This may be the easiest fix to perform, and it can help to reduce lag and ensure that your no route error is not being caused by your connection.


In conclusion, you can fix the Discord RTC Connecting No Route error through a number of ways and get back to chatting, video calling or even streaming Netflix on Discord.

You can try refreshing Discord’s connection by restarting the app.

Or, you can try altering the voice region in case Discord’s servers are currently experiencing issues. If all else fails, you can ask Discord Support for guidance.


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