How to stop Discord from updating – Easy method

Discord has a large fanbase, so the app frequently undergoes maintenance and updates. These updates are usually conducted automatically by the application.

This ensures that the program is always up-to-date for everyone, which generally helps prevent errors (like having a blank screen on start-up).

However, users can find these frequent and automatic updates quite annoying.

Updating usually doesn’t take long to finish, but it still takes time and disrupts the user experience.

Fortunately, there are ways to stop Discord from updating automatically.

How to stop Discord from updating – The quick way

You can stop Discord’s automatic updates on both Desktop and Mobile.

This can usually be done in the settings of your device – not your Discord settings, but your desktop settings or mobile settings.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can stop Discord from updating on Desktop, Android, and iOS.

There is no official method for stopping Discord’s updates as there is no such setting in the app.

Instead, you’ll have to use more roundabout methods to stop Discord from updating – if you’re using Windows desktop, then here’s what you need to do.

On Desktop

Press Windows-key + R to open the Run Dialog box. Type %localappdata% in the Run window, and press Enter to run the command.

This should take you to the File Explorer. Find the folder labelled ‘Discord’, and open it. Then, locate the ‘update’ application.


Right-click on the ‘update’ application, and select the ‘properties’ option. Make sure that the ‘general’ tab has been selected.


Check the box next to ‘read-only’, and select ‘apply’ to confirm the changes. Discord should now stop automatically updating.

However, the app may still check for updates, though it will stop downloading and installing them on your device.

On Android

On Mobile, there are more official methods for stopping an app from updating.

You can disable all app updates, or only allow updates for certain apps. We’ll start by explaining how you can disable Discord updates on Android.

Open the Google Play Store app, and press on your profile icon in the top right.

Then, select the ‘settings’ option. Press on the ‘network preferences’ option to expand it.


Press on the ‘auto-update apps’ option. A pop up should appear.


Select the ‘don’t auto-update apps’ option to disable automatic updates for all apps.

Or, you can select ‘over Wi-Fi only’ to only allow automatic update when connected to Wi-Fi.

This will prevent your device from using up Mobile Data when automatically updating.

Alternatively, if you only wish to disable automatic updates for Discord, search for ‘Discord’ in the Google Play Store.

Go on the Discord app page and press on the three dots in the upper right.


Uncheck the box next to ‘enable auto-update’. Automatic updates should now be disabled for Discord.

On iOS

On iOS, there is no way to disable automatic updates for specific apps.

You’ll have to either disable automatic updates for all apps, or only disable automatic updates when using Mobile Data.

Go on the Settings > App Store. Scroll down until you find the option for ‘app updates’. Disable this option if you want to disable all automatic app updates.


Or, if you only want to disable automatic updates when using Mobile Data, disable the option for ‘automatic downloads’.

Make sure to enable ‘app updates’ when you do this or else automatic updates will remain disabled.


In conclusion, you can stop Discord from auto updating by disabling the auto update feature on your device.

On Desktop, there is no official way to do this, so you’ll have to use the File Explorer to stop the updates within your Windows settings.

On Mobile, you can disable automatic app updates in the settings.

It can be a good idea to stop automatic updates if you’re having issues, like the Discord app keeps crashing.

Installing them manually yourself will allow you to pinpoint any potential issues that may come with each update, which can help prevent frustrating problems.


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