How to get Discord on Xbox – Quick Guide

Discord is a popular application amongst gamers, as it allows users to speak to each other whilst in-game.

You can also use Discord to message others whilst playing using the cross platform voice chat.

Discord is a light-weight program, so having it running in the background shouldn’t interfere with any gameplay.

Discord can even be used on different platforms – both Playstation and Xbox users can get Discord on their console.

Can you get Discord on Xbox?

Yes, you can definitely download Discord and use it with your Xbox Live account.

All you need to do is select the Linked Social Accounts Option within your Account settings to do so.

However, the official Discord app can be a little restrictive. You can add Discord to Xbox through one of two methods.

The first method is through the official Microsoft set-up.

This method, unfortunately, doesn’t offer many features for Discord, and limits its capabilities by a fair bit.

Discord will mostly only be able to showcase your activity to other users.

You won’t be able to use some Discord’s basic functions, which include messaging and voice-chatting.

This renders Discord mostly useless compared to its original counterpart.

Allowing gamers to communicate in-game is one of the most beneficial parts of Discord. Taking that away severely decreases Discord’s value.

However, if you merely wish to use Discord as a means to display your activity status, it may be worth integrating Discord using the official method.

Displaying your activity status can help show your friends what you’re currently playing.

This may encourage your friends to join you in the game, or help organise group gaming sessions.

On the other hand, the second method for adding Discord to the Xbox is the more unofficial set-up.

If you use this method to set up Discord on the Xbox, it will allow Discord to have more features and updates for a better user experience overall.

Get Discord on Xbox – Official Method

Integrating Discord on the Xbox is a fairly simple process. There are two main methods for achieving this, both of which we’ll go through in this article.

We’ll first go through the official method for setting up Discord on the Xbox console.

Just keep in mind that using this method will severely limit Discord’s capabilities.

It will be very different to using Discord in its original form.

Discord will lose many of its features, some of which include the ability to message, voice call, create servers, create and lock channels, or create groups.

Instead, Discord will mainly just be able to showcase your profile and activity status to other users.

This will allow your friends to be able to see what you’re playing, and the platform you’re playing on.

In order to get Discord on the Xbox, you must first have a Discord account. And to link Discord to your Xbox console, you must do it through this account.

If you are already in possession of one, you can move onto the next step. If you don’t already have a Discord account, create one.

You can download the Discord app, and create an account using the app.

Or, you can go to and create an account there. You can do this on either Desktop or Mobile.


Once you’ve created a Discord account, make sure that you also have an Xbox Live account created.

If you don’t, create one using your Xbox console. If you already have an Xbox Live account, you can move onto the next step.

Now, you can link your Discord account to your Xbox Live account. Firstly, go to your Xbox and open the main menu.

Then, go to Settings > Account > Linked Social Accounts.

Here, you can log into your Xbox Live account. Once you’ve logged in, press the ‘link’ option beneath ‘Discord’.

Next, go back to the Discord app or website. This can be on any device, including Desktop and Mobile.

Once you’re on the Discord app or website, select the gear icon to open the settings.

The gear should be next to your username in the bottom left. In the settings, select the ‘connections’ tab.

It should be beneath the ‘user settings’ section.


In the ‘connections’ tab, there should be a section labelled ‘connect your accounts’ near the top. In the section, locate the Xbox icon and click on it.

Discord will then send a pin to your Xbox. Discord will also ask you to enter the pin on the app. Enter the pin.

Your Discord account should now be linked to your Xbox Live account.

Now, you can make Discord showcase your profile and Xbox status. You can choose to disable these options in Discord if you so wish.

Download Discord – Unofficial Method

Now, we’ll go through the unofficial method for integrating Discord on the Xbox.

You can integrate Discord onto your Xbox. Or, more specifically, you can get Discord on the Xbox console.

This method will allow Discord to have more features, like Discord Voice Chat, and make it closer to its original counterpart.

Before attempting this method, make sure you already have a Discord account and Xbox Live account.

This method involves installing an unofficial Discord client. These clients are usually created to improve Discord’s usability on other platforms, such as Xbox, Mobile, and Tablets.

In order to integrate Discord on the Xbox, you must first install an unofficial Discord client.

In this example, we’ll focus on the ‘Quarrel’ app. Go on your Xbox and open the Xbox Store. Search for the ‘Quarrel’ app and install it.

Once you’ve installed the Quarrel app, open it and log into your Discord account. You should now be able to use Discord on your Xbox.


In conclusion, you can get Discord on the Xbox console – you can integrate Discord with quite a few different platforms, and you can even stream Netflix on Discord to watch with friends.

However, you can only get Discord on the Xbox. There are two main ways to get Discord on the Xbox.

You can implement Discord on the Xbox by linking accounts, or install an unofficial Discord client on the Xbox.


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