How to embed links in Discord – Full Guide

Discord is a widely-used messaging platform, which is free to download and use.

It consists of a variety of features, including text-messaging, voice-chats, screen-sharing, roles, creating Discord emotes, and much more.

In addition to sending text messages, you can also send media attachments and hyperlinks. Hyperlinks can be a very useful tool in Discord.

They can allow users to easily join servers, or access certain information. Embedding links in Discord can help you avoid using long or awkward URLs.

An embedded link is a hyperlink that will take you to a certain page when clicked on. Embedding a link consists of binding a URL to a certain word(s).

This is a much cleaner way of sending links in Discord as it avoids typing or sending out URLs. An example of an embedded link is this.

You can also choose to use a link shortener for lengthy URLs, as opposed to embedding the URL. An example of a link shortener, which is a free link shortener.

Simply paste the URL you wish to shorten in the input box, and select ‘shorten URL’. You should be given a new and shorter URL to copy afterwards.

How to embed links in Discord

There is no in-built feature for embedding links in Discord. Fortunately, there are ways around this issue. The easiest way to send a normal link is to send the naked URL next to your message.

For example, you can say “here’s the link” and Discord will automatically turn the website into a clickable link. Embedding is possible, but takes a little more effort.

You can use a hyperlink generator, such as Webhook, to create a hyperlink. Or, you can use a Discord bot to achieve this.


One method of embedding links in Discord is by using Webhook. Webhook is an in-built Discord feature that lets you automate messages and updates in text channels.

This can only be done on Desktop. You can’t create Webhooks on Mobile.

Firstly, open the Discord app. You could also access Discord on your web browser by going to Log into your account, and go to your server list. This should be located on the far left.

Find the server you wish to send a hyperlink in, and right-click on it. Hover over the server settings option, and select integrations. This should take you to the Webhook settings.

Next, click the ‘create webhook’ option. Name the Webhook, and select the text channel you wish to use it in.

Then, click ‘copy webhook URL’ to copy the link. If you wish to delete the Webhook for whatever reason, simply click ‘delete webhook’.

Afterwards, go to on your web browser. This website allows you to generate the hyperlink text.

Paste the Webhook URL you copied into the Webhook URL section. Then, scroll down until you see the section for ’embeds’.

Click on the plus icon to start making an embed. Clicking the plus icon should expand the section. In the description section, type out the text you wish to hyperlink in square brackets.

Then, type out the URL in parentheses. For example, [text] (URL).

You can also change the colour of the hyperlink by clicking on the box under the colour section. Browse through all the options, and fill in the relevant options until you’re satisfied.

Once you’re done, scroll back up to the top and select ‘send message’. This is the quickest way to embed messages when you’re using the Discord app.

Carl Bot

Another method for embedding links in Discord is by using Carl Bot. This is a third-party tool for creating Discord hyperlinks. There are many bots for Discord out there.

One such bot is Carl Bot. Unlike users, bots have the ability to embed links in Discord.

You can make a bot embed a link by typing the text you wish to hyperlink in square brackets, and then the URL in parentheses.

For example, [linked text] (URL). You can also choose to customise your embedded link by selecting a colour for it.

In order to use Carl Bot, you must first navigate to its website: Click ‘log in with Discord’.


You should be taken to Discord’s login page. Log into your Discord account.

You will then be asked to grant Carl Bot permission to access your Discord account. Click ‘authorise’ to give Carl Bot permission.

Next, you’ll be shown a list of your servers. Click on the server you wish to send a hyperlink in. You will be asked to allow Carl Bot permission to the server.

Click ‘continue’ to proceed. Then, click ‘authorise’ to grant Carl Bot permission. This should take you back to the Carl Bot website.

Click ‘get started’ to begin configuring other aspects of the bot. Or, you can skip this step by selecting the ‘skip’ option. Scroll down on the left side tab until you find the option for embeds.


Find the section for ‘description’. In the description input box, type out the text you wish to hyperlink in square brackets.

Then, type out the URL in parentheses. For example, [text] (URL). When you’re done filling in the relevant sections, scroll all the way down.

Click on the box under the ‘destination’ section. Select a text channel to send the hyperlink in. Then, click the ‘post’ option to send the hyperlink message.


In conclusion, there are a few ways to embed links in Discord. There is no default method for creating Discord hyperlinks, but there are some third-party websites that can help create them.

You can make use of the Webhook feature in Discord if you’re on Desktop, or you can use a Discord bot to embed links in Discord.

Only bots truly have the power to embed link text, though using webhooks is a good alternative for regular users. Using one of these alternatives is a good way to have more fun with hyperlinks whilst you’re using Discord.

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