How to stream Netflix on Discord without Black Screen

Discord is a well-known service for communicating with people. You can use Discord to message or call other users.

The platform also supports screen-sharing and streaming, which allows users to enjoy watching media as a group.

One example of Discord’s streaming capabilities is the act of streaming Netflix.

Netflix is a popular streaming service, which houses a large range of movies and TV shows.

Streaming Netflix on Discord allow users to communicate with each other whilst watching various media.

Discord can stream services, such as Netflix, using the ‘Go Live’ or screen-share feature.

This is perfect if you want to watch movies with friends whilst also being able to make voice and video calls too.

How to stream Netflix on Discord with Go Live

Go Live is an in-built Discord feature for streaming. Go Live is essentially a feature that allows users to share their screen with other users.

You can only screen-share in voice channels. Go Live allows a maximum of 10 people to join a stream session.

A voice channel on Discord can only house 10 people at most. Go Live is available for any Discord server, and can work across different platforms.

Such platforms include Mac, Windows, and Linux. The feature is accessible through both the Discord app and the Discord website.

When someone is streaming on Discord, a live icon should be visible beside their username in the left side tab.

You can easily join a Discord stream by entering the voice channel, and selecting the ‘join stream’ option.

We’ll now go through how you can stream Netflix on Discord.

First of all, open your web browser and go to the Netflix website. Click on the ‘sign in’ option and log into your Netflix account.

Then, open the Discord app and enter a Discord server. Select the gear icon to access the settings.

Navigate to the ‘activity status’ tab. It should be located underneath the ‘activity settings’ section.

In the ‘activity status’ tab, you can set a status. Click the ‘add it’ option, and choose your web browser.

Select ‘add game’ to confirm your choice. When you do this, make sure you’ve got the Netflix tab selected in your browser.


Next, exit the Discord settings and enter a voice channel. You can enter a channel by clicking on it.

Once you’ve entered the voice channel, click on the TV screen icon. It should be located above the voice call option, in the left side tab.

A pop should appear showcasing the screen share options. Go on the Netflix tab, and then select the Discord tab.

Make sure to not minimise the Netflix tab when you do this. Afterwards, click the ‘go live’ option to start streaming the Netflix tab.


Now, you can return to the Netflix tab and start playing a title of your choice.

Discord will be streaming both the visual and audio in the Netflix tab.

You can choose to leave your mic on in Discord to allow for vocal communication, or you can mute yourself by clicking on the mic icon beside your username.

You can also choose to start a video call whilst streaming Netflix by clicking the ‘video’ option.

This will allow others to see your facial expressions whilst watching Netflix. It helps make the experience feel more personal.

Discord’s screen-share feature allows you to stream more than just Netflix. You can stream many different platforms through either their applications or websites.

Just make sure that the platform is open, and make sure that you’re using a voice channel (this can be in your Welcome Channel if you’re only using the server for Netflix).

However, remember that Voice Channels are limited to 10 users.

If you’re going to have people dropping in and out of the session, you may want to create an AFK channel that users automatically move into when they’re away from their computer, which will allow new users to drop into the Netflix sesh.

How to plan a watch party

Discord also allows you to schedule events, which can help remind or notify users of upcoming activities.

You can even schedule a watch party for when you stream Netflix with friends.

This helps users gather in a timely manner to watch Netflix together, and doesn’t require you to notify users through messaging.

You can schedule events using Discord’s event features. To schedule a watch party, open the Discord app and enter a server.

Then, from the left side tab, click on the arrow icon. It should be located next to the server name.

A set of options should appear. You can also access these options by right-clicking the server’s icon.

Select the ‘create event’ option to open the event options.

First, choose the ‘voice channel’ option. A drop-down menu should then appear.

Click on the drop-down menu and select the voice channel you wish to schedule the event in. When you’re done, click ‘next’ to move on.


Next, fill in the event details. This include the event name, the start date, the start time, and the description.

You can also choose to upload a cover image by clicking ‘upload cover image’.


Finally, a preview of your event schedule will appear. If you’re happy with the results, click ‘create event’ to schedule the event.

Once you’ve scheduled the event, you can view it by clicking the event in the left side tab. You can also invite users to the event by selecting the person icon.

Can you stream Netflix on Discord with Mobile?

Unfortunately, Discord’s screen-share feature is unavailable on Mobile. This includes both iOS and Android devices.

You cannot share your screen on the Mobile version of Discord.

On Mobile, Discord voice channels only support voice calls and video calls.

This means that you can only Stream Netflix on Discord using Desktop devices, which may be disappointing for Android and iPhone users.

Common error when you watch Netflix via Discord – Black screen

The most common issue that users face when streaming videos via screen share with Netflix is a black screen.

And the reason why this happens is likely down to the hardware acceleration feature in Discord.

You can easily toggle off the hardware acceleration feature to resolve this issue within the streaming settings of Discord.


In conclusion, you can stream Netflix on Discord using the screen-share feature.

This feature is available only on Desktop, and can be accessed by joining a voice channel.

You can stream Netflix by screen-sharing the Netflix app, or the Netflix website using a web browser.


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