Zero Fasting App Review

Today we’re looking at fasting and what can fasting do for us exactly? Well, an app is certainly one way to make a lifestyle change a little smoother, so we’ll be using the Zero Fasting app to help us out a bit. It’s fairly well known, though the market is relatively competitive right now, with apps like the Fastic app and Bodyfast becoming extremely popular. Is it me or Zero Fasting sound like a “don’t fast!” kind of message? Maybe just me, but here we go.

Zero Fasting App Review

We’ve all heard a lot about fasting in recent years with studies and experiments done continuously to try and either disprove or prove the benefits of such a lifestyle. It is important to note however that as with all lifestyle studies and anything that can have long term effects on your health it takes a very long time to see what all the effects are.

Just taking smoking for example. I’m not saying that fasting has any of those crazy side effects in fact almost everything is pointing to the opposite. But just bear in mind there may be unforeseen effects that are only discovered 20 years in the future when someone’s been truly dedicated to this lifestyle for a good portion of their life.

Pros and Cons


First up, let’s start with the pros.

From the second you open the app you can tell it’s well made. Design wise, it’s very clean and clear with status text box when and where you would want them for helpful tips and clarifications. The animations are very well done, and transitions are smooth. It’s not awkward or clunky so from a strictly visual perspective it’s a thumbs up from me.

Initial questionnaire hit the key points of fasting very well it asks me what I want out of fasting and it feels like it’s a choice that will have an impact on what the app suggests. If you’re answer to one of the first questions is “I’m looking to lose weight” then it’s going to suggest the program that is best for it. It’s very simplified compared to other fasting apps but for some that is exactly what they want.


The questionnaire, it was in the pros as well, but it does have a con. It feels like it could have asked a lot more to find out exactly who I am and how fasting may best help me. Compared with other fasting apps it does feel like it’s putting you in a category rather than something that is tailor made for yourself. Of course, no free app is going to tailor make things for every single user but it’s nice when things are done as specifically as possible when it comes to a lifestyle change.

The paid version… Now in this review we’re primarily looking at the free version (we’ll have a section on what you get with the paid version,) but when I first worked my way through the questionnaire and set up an account, I nearly thought that the paid option was the only option. Once you’re done with the questionnaire the next step is to sign up for the 7 day free trial and then you’re paying after that. There isn’t a mention of skipping or to choose the free version. It’s only when you back out of the payment option that you realise it’s not mandatory. Not the worst thing in the world but it felt a bit forced…

The questionnaire

One of the key components of any lifestyle app, especially one such as a fasting app, it making sure it feels as specific as possible to the individual using the app. No one wants to be put on someone else’s program and not get the results they are looking for. To this end the questionnaire here was good enough to feel like it got me aimed at the goals I am interested in but not as specific as I personally would have liked. This is going to be up to personal preference, if you’re looking for a simpler fasting app then this will be more for you but if you are looking for a more all-encompassing app then others may be offering something more your speed.

There are a few really nice parts of the questionnaire, while asking questions it also includes slides that are there to educate you on how fasting works great for those who are a bit unclear on the exact benefits. Another detail is the addition of a page to introduce you to the experts who helped develop the app.


If you go to your profile page once you have set up the app you can track a large range of different fields. Including, weight, average resting heart rate, average activity, average sleep and average fast time. To do this you will need to either enter them manually or you can connect to the apple health app which will update them automatically. Pretty nice feature there, especially if you can sync it up with an apple watch. Then the automation steps up to a level were you don’t need to manually upload very much at all… Nice and easy is the way to go for me so I’d highly recommend this set up if you’re able to do it.

As with all tracking this is a great way of keeping an eye on your progress, where you’re potentially slipping up if you notice certain days of the week you are less active or if you had that huge party where you ate loads and put on a bit… I’m looking at you Christmas…

Zero Plus

There are a number of benefits that you will gain if you choose the paid version of the app. As per there in app sales page you are getting; Guided fasting with a coach, advanced fasting statistics, new content weekly and a scientific approach from leading experts. If any of these benefits sound like something you would be interested in then the paid version may be a better fit for you.

Something to note is that there is a 7-day free trial for this so I assume you are able to test it and cancel before actually being charged. The charge is currently at £67.99 per year. As an annual fee this isn’t too bad, working out at just under £7 a month it’s a small addition to your monthly health costs such as the gym.

You will also notice a few other features which are locked behind the “plus” section of the app such as challenges, these could be a great way of keeping fasting entertaining so if you’re struggling with motivation this may be the way to go for you.


Do you have to pay for Zero Fasting?

Yes and no, the primary function of the app is fasting, and those features are all free. There are a number of paid features however such as Guided fasting with a coach, advanced fasting statistics, new content weekly, scientific approach from leading experts, and more…

What can I have while fasting with Zero fasting?

While in the fasting stage of your day you are only allowed water. This is the essence of fasting, restricting your bodies access to all nourishment besides water so that your body can focus on bodily processes that aren’t metabolism which causes positive changes when done regularly.

How does fasting help me?

Studies have shown a variety of benefits to fasting. Namely, improved immune system, managing inflammation which may help chronic conditions such as heart disease. Improved blood sugar control which may help with diabetic symptoms. Also, noticeable benefits to weight loss.


In conclusion I’d have to say the app is fairly simple compared to other apps for the free version but adds a significant amount of depth if you choose to go the paid route. At less than £70 a year if you’re serious about fasting or want to try the one-week free trial I’d suggest this as it can be frustrating when certain sections of the app don’t work because they are locked behind that pay wall.

The free version itself does everything you could want from a fasting app, you are able to accurately track your fasting time, so time until next meal and time that your fasts should start. Also your progress as your journey continues with fasting.

We hope this article was helpful and best of luck with your fasting journey!

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