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Today, we’re looking at Fastic. So, let’s outline what Fastic actually is and what it’s trying to help us achieve. Fastic is an app designed to help us improve our health, whether that be losing weight, or just overall an overall more healthy body. All of this, with fasting.

Marketed as a “Healthy fasting for everyone” this app intends to make fasting easy and more importantly painless. A common worry when it comes to fasting is that you’re simply going to be starving yourself and then having a few morsels to keep yourself going.

Fastic is intended to show you not just how easy fasting can be but all the health benefits that go along with it. So, let’s jump in and see what it’s all about.

Fastic App review

Fastic does exactly what it sets out to do, and more. The intermittent fasting app tracks your fasting which in of itself is fairly simple. However, where the app really shines is all the secondary benefits it has.


Not only are you getting a tailored made plan customised by your questionnaire answers, but the app also educates as you go! If you’re unsure about fasting and the benefits it brings then the app will tell you everything you need to know.

It’s can make a good addition to your intermittent fasting journey, and it’s pretty easy to get started with the app too.

Getting Started

The first thing that is noticeable as soon as you open the app is the design, it’s clearly to a very high standard and makes it very easy on the eyes to manage.

Options are obvious, navigating the app is easy and above all it’s clear with what it’s trying to tell you. So, from me the design is a solid A+.

Next and arguably the most important is the actual function of the app, does it help? Does it do what it says it does? For the most part, yes.

The app does a great job of tracking your day to day so you are aware of when you should and should not be eating. With daily goals and tracking it keeps you motivated to continue and complete your fast.

A teaching app. That’s maybe it’s biggest positive for me. Testing this with no prior knowledge on fasting you’ll come out the other end a relative expert.

Every step of the way it’s explaining what to do and why it’s done. For example, when you start your fast it will give you a step by step on what to do next and the effects it’s going to have on you.

The questionnaire

I must say. This is definitely one of the best questionnaires I’ve seen from an app. Not only are the questions relevant for goal setting but they even check whether you are familiar with fasting.

If you answer “I’m new” they give you a great little pop-up which summarises and explains the benefits of fasting.

I love little details like this, and from what I can see so far they clearly have a goal of not just helping us through fasting but also educating us.

The educational side of the app is amazing. A lot of other apps are very much an “on rails” experience where you don’t feel that you are getting much out of the app other than a “go here, do this” attitude. Going above and beyond to truly explain the benefits of a fasted diet plan.

Another nice consideration is when you are asked how you identify. It has the usual “male or female” options as well as a “non-binary” and a “skip.”

Maybe not important to some but it is a nice consideration for their community as a whole. A big plus from me.

When asked about your weight it also asks for a goal weight, this is of course fairly standard with weight loss apps but a nice little note is that it calculates in real time how long it estimates you to lose this weight.

Great for an upcoming event or holiday it will give you a good indication of your expected results.

I’ll briefly mention that there is a paid option for the app that is mentioned at the end of start-up. This essentially gets you a personalised plan and they will do the majority of the work for you.

We’re reviewing the free version of the app today but I thought I’d mention that the option is there if it is something you’d like to look into.


The app is designed to have several ways to keep you motivated, it has a “streak” counter, of how many days in succession you manage to fast.

This is a great touch, it adds an element of competitive challenge to the whole thing and keeps us from taking days off. Can’t break that streak after all.

If you have a streak of 20+ days then waiting a few hours to eat sounds a bit easier than another 20+ days to build your streak back up.

These systems have been widely used across a number of practices but have shown to be incredibly effective in the health and fitness industry. Big plus.


Next up, we have the fast tracker. This is an amazing tool, not only does it track how far along you are in your fast but also gives you helpful information.

The dial like tracker is clear and concise and perfect for staring at when it’s 5 minutes until mealtime.

On this dial you have a few points of interest, these can be selected to give detailed information about what is happening to your body at the different stages of your fast. One such point of interest is the fat burning zone.

Selecting this will explain why your body is doing this and how your body is doing this. A nice touch to keep you motivated through the fast.

Also being tracked is your water intake, the app gives you a good indication of the water intake you should be having and reminds you when you’re falling short in your day. Water, after all, is incredibly important when it comes to fasting. Keep yourself hydrated and fend off hunger!

Finally, there is a step tracker. Helpful to turn on as it’s going to be giving you daily exercise goals which will be asking you to do a certain number of steps.


Thankfully I can’t see many and from what I can tell you the main point I’ve found is that the app is not all encompassing. It’s not a solution to being unhealthy and out of shape, it’s an accessory to it.

The app may well be the push over the edge a lot of people need to get in the best shape of their lives, but it won’t do it alone.

Common Questions about Fastic

Is Fastic free?

There is a free version of Fastic that you can use to see whether the app is right for you and your intermittent fasting needs. However, if you really want to get the benefits of Fastic, you’ll probably want to sign up for the premium version, as the full app has much more to offer.

What does Fastic Plus offer?

When you upgrade to Fastic Plus, you get access to a variety of different features. This includes access to the In House Academy to learn more about fasting, as well as being able to network with others in the Fastic community.

Does the Fastic app work?

The Fastic app works exactly as it should, and it has various features that can make your intermittent fasting experience that little bit easier. However, the truth is that you’ll still have to depend on your own discipline and effort to ensure that you stick to the routines that Fastic creates for you.

What is the Fastic app?

Similar in fashion to most intermittent fasting apps, Fastic is designed to help you improve your overall health with intermittent fasting. They do this by allowing you to enter your history and create a customized experience based around your own health and habits.


In conclusion, the app is great. Big thumbs up from me. It does everything you want it to and even educates you along the way. If you’re looking to become an expert on the benefits of fasting I’d ask you to download the app and just read through the prompts and tips.

Usability is incredible, seamless and clear. I can’t find fault with the user experience that Fastic is offering.

Something to keep in mind is that the app is not going to let you eat 10,000 calories and do little exercise. You need to use the app along with a healthy lifestyle to get the most benefits out of fasting. The app just makes the fasting side of a healthy lifestyle much easier to do.

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