Bodyfast App Review – Is it worth it?

We’re going to have a look at the Bodyfast, which is often considered to be one of the best intermittent fasting apps around.

Though a lot of attention has been drawn to other apps like Fastic, Bodyfast is a genuine alternative that’s worth checking out.

And the truth is that it’s just one of the many apps out there that are here to help us with fasting, so the competition is pretty fierce. We decided to try Bodyfast out to see if was actually as good as we”d heard – here’s how we got on.

Bodyfast Intermittent Fasting app review

Overall, the Bodyfast app is a pretty solid choice if you’re looking for a long term intermittent fasting partner to help you keep trim and healthy.

It’s simple enough that anyone can use it, and the basic features of the free plan are enough to get started. Though, the paid version does have some great features which make it worth upgrading eventually.

With fasting apps, there is always going to be new research around side effects or even benefits that are yet to be discovered.

However, intermittent fasting in general is still considered to be one of the best ways to improve your health. So, let’s have a look at what Bodyfast Intermittent Fasting can do for us.

Pros and Cons – In short

There are a few reasons why the Bodyfast app stands out from other intermittent fasting apps, like;

  • Accurate fasting periods
  • Personalised fasting plan
  • Excellent user experience
  • Track your weight easily

On the downside, there are a few cons to the app too, which are;

  • Upgrading to paid feels forced
  • Needs more flexibility with fasting periods

This is just the pros and cons of the app in short – we tested the app pretty thoroughly, here’s how we got on.

Getting Started

Right at the start when you open the app, it’s fast with great UX and the overall user experience is one of the best when it comes to fasting apps.

It’s clear what the app is asking of you at each stage. As with most intermittent fasting apps, you run through a quick questionnaire at the start that asks you about your current health and what you want to achieve with Bodyfast.

The choices you make do have an effect on your experience with the app itself, so it’s worth spending a little time here to answer honestly, as you’ll get a more customized experience from the app as a result.

It’s not as in depth as some of the other apps out there but it does just enough for me to feel like it’s personal.

The questionnaire

As with most of our fasting app reviews we want to look at the questionnaire as the first feature. This is where the app learns about you and hopefully makes a more specific program that is going to get you to the goals you want.

The Bodyfast Intermittent Fasting app I feel does a really good job with this. It’s good enough to cover all the key points, get a decent idea of what you want out of fasting as well as confirm a nice amount of information about yourself to tailor it’s plans for you.


Plans are a really nice addition to the app, it seems fairly simple but it is quite literally a list of different fasting plans. “All of these are good fasting plans, which one works best for you?”

It’s a nice addition that lets you plan your fasting around your current schedule, if you like to eat in the mornings then take that plan, if you prefer your meals later in the day then there’s one for that too.

They have differing levels of intensity too and even more than are locked behind the paid version. There are a good number of options without the paid version but if you do go down that route then you’ll have an abundance to choose from.


Coach is the paid option for the Bodyfast Intermittent Fasting app. It is of course going to come with more benefits that the usual free version but is it worth it? So, the primary selling point for me of the coach is going to be that accountability, having someone who can make sure you are sticking to your fast is going to be invaluable.

There is also the tips and tricks as it were that will come with this such as dietary tips, even mind set tips to help you get to your next eating period. On thing is for sure and that’s that it is definitely a benefit.  Unlike other apps which unlock potentially useless feature this alone will provide you a significantly improved chance of being successful.

Other benefits include challenges, a more specific fasting plan for yourself, 50+ fasting plans and what they call the joker day… These are nice and may get some use, but I’d have to say the primary selling point and benefit is going to have to be the coach themselves. Is it worth it?

Well, it depends how serious you are going to take fasting. If you are determined to stick to it for a substantial amount of time, then I think it’s worth it. If you’re just trying fasting for a week or 2 to see if it’s for you then maybe hold off getting the paid version until you’re more sure.


This is a common theme with these apps, but most users don’t like how the paid version was quite aggressively advertised inside the app itself. It’s another one of those “wait, is this a paid app?” moments where it’s almost hiding the free version.

We’re typically using both the free and premium versions of apps to see how they work, and it was a bit off putting having ads in-content whilst using the free version.

As you get to the end of the questionnaire there’s a big graphic with ‘select payment plan’ buttons to choose from. It’s hard to even notice the desaturated X in the top corner to get you out of it.

Common Questions about Bodyfast

Do you have to pay for Bodyfast Intermittent Fasting?

Yes and no, the primary function of the app is fasting, and those features are all free from the tracking to the plans. There several different paid features that you get when you upgrade, such as personal coaching, daily coaching and unlocking all the plans (50+). According to Bodyfast, this can increase your weight loss by 30% – but it’s mainly worth doing to get rid of the ads!

What can I have while fasting with Bodyfast Intermittent Fasting?

For the most part, it’s recommended to stick to water only whilst you’re in the fasting period. However, according to some different fasting plans, you can sometimes have alternative liquids, like black coffee, tea and even sugar free drinks in some circumstances.

Is Bodyfast a good app?

The truth is that Bodyfast does a similar job to the majority of other intermittent fasting apps out there, but it does stand out as one of the better ones that we’ve used over the last year or so. Fasting itself is relatively straightforward, however a good app like Bodyfast can make the process even easier.


In conclusion, this app is very good. It’s clearly very well made and does a good job of conveying the benefits of fasting which is always a big benefit for me. If you can educate yourself on the benefits of fasting while using the app for your primary function, you should be able to achieve your weight loss goals.

Though, not everyone that wants to start on their intermittent fasting journey needs to lose weight. As far as the fasting itself goes it is well done, easy to use and with the different plans that are set up it is very easy to visualise how your fasting journey will look.

If you are looking for a simple fast tracker then this app does it very well. If you’re looking to start fasting and take it a bit more seriously, the paid option adds a lot of value with the coach and other features.

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