Bodyfast Intermittent Fasting App Review

We’re going to have a look at the Bodyfast Intermittent Fasting app, one of the many apps out there that are here to help us with fasting. Though a lot of attention has been drawn to other apps like Fastic, Bodyfast is a genuine alternative that may suit some people more. So, let’s find out what it does, how it helps, and maybe more importantly, how it’s different from the other apps… And even more importantly… is it better?

Bodyfast Intermittent Fasting review

We’ve all heard a lot about fasting in recent years with studies and experiments done continuously to try and either disprove or prove the benefits of such a lifestyle. It is important to note however that as with all lifestyle studies and anything that can have long term effects on your health it takes a very long time to see what all the effects are.

Take into account with these apps that research is always on going, there may be unforeseen side effects or even benefits that are yet to be discovered. But currently… It’s looking pretty good… Just the other day my mum even spoke about starting to fast, now if my mum can give it a go then anybody can give it a go…

So, let’s have a look at what Bodyfast Intermittent Fasting can do for us.

Pros and Cons


Right at the start when you open the app you can tell it’s well made. Design wise, it’s very clean and clear with status text box when and where you would want them for helpful tips and clarifications. The animations are very well done, and transitions are smooth. It’s not awkward or clunky so from a strictly visual perspective it’s a thumbs up from me. It’s clear what the app is asking of you at each stage, and it isn’t throwing too many messages at you like some of these apps tend to do. Less of an ‘in at the deep end’ approach than some which I personally preferred.

The initial questionnaire was good, it hit the key points of fasting very well and it asks me what I want out of fasting. It feels like it’s a choice that will have an impact on what the app suggests. If you’re answer to one of the first questions is “I want to be healthier” then it’s going to suggest the program that is best for it. It’s not as in depth as some of the other apps out there but it does just enough for me to feel like it’s personal.


This seems to be a bit of a common theme with these apps, but I didn’t like how the paid version was quite aggressively advertised inside the app itself. It’s another one of those “wait, is this a paid app” moments where it’s almost hiding the free version. We’re primarily looking at the free version of the app here and it was a bit off putting for myself. As you get to the end of the questionnaire there’s a big graphic with ‘select payment plan’ buttons to choose from. It’s hard to even notice the desaturated X in the top corner to get you out of it.

The questionnaire

As with most of our fasting app reviews we want to look at the questionnaire as the first feature. This is where the app learns about you and hopefully makes a more specific program that is going to get you to the goals you want.

The Bodyfast Intermittent Fasting app I feel does a really good job with this. It’s good enough to cover all the key points, get a decent idea of what you want out of fasting as well as confirm a nice amount of information about yourself to tailor it’s plans for you.


Plans are a really nice addition to the app, it seems fairly simple but it is quite literally a list of different fasting plans. “All of these are good fasting plans, which one works best for you?” It’s a nice addition that lets you plan your fasting around your current schedule, if you like to eat in the mornings then take that plan, if you prefer your meals later in the day then there’s one for that too.

They have differing levels of intensity too and even more than are locked behind the paid version. There are a good number of options without the paid version but if you do go down that route then you’ll have an abundance to choose from.


Coach is the paid option for the Bodyfast Intermittent Fasting app. It is of course going to come with more benefits that the usual free version but is it worth it? So, the primary selling point for me of the coach is going to be that accountability, having someone who can make sure you are sticking to your fast is going to be invaluable. There is also the tips and tricks as it were that will come with this such as dietary tips, even mind set tips to help you get to your next eating period. On thing is for sure and that’s that it is definitely a benefit.  Unlike other apps which unlock potentially useless feature this alone will provide you a significantly improved chance of being successful.

Other benefits include challenges, a more specific fasting plan for yourself, 50+ fasting plans and what they call the joker day… These are nice and may get some use, but I’d have to say the primary selling point and benefit is going to have to be the coach themselves. Is it worth it? Well, it depends how serious you are going to take fasting. If you are determined to stick to it for a substantial amount of time, then I think it’s worth it. If you’re just trying fasting for a week or 2 to see if it’s for you then maybe hold off getting the paid version until you’re more sure.


Do you have to pay for Body Intermittent Fasting?

Yes and no, the primary function of the app is fasting, and those features are all free from the tracking to the plans. There are a number of paid features however such as personal coaching, daily coaching, unlock all the plans (50+). According to Bodyfast this can increase your weight loss by 30%.

What can I have while fasting with Bodyfast Intermittent Fasting?

While in the fasting stage of your day you are only allowed water. This is the essence of fasting, restricting your bodies access to all nourishment besides water so that your body can focus on bodily processes that aren’t metabolism which causes positive changes when done regularly.

How does fasting help me?

Studies have shown a variety of benefits to fasting. Namely, improved immune system, managing inflammation which may help chronic conditions such as heart disease. Improved blood sugar control which may help with diabetic symptoms. Also, noticeable benefits to weight loss.


In conclusion I’d have to say this app is very good. It’s clearly very well made and does a good job of conveying the benefits of fasting which is always a big benefit for me. If you can educate while doing your primary function as far as I’m concerned you have a well worth it app already.

As far as the fasting itself goes it is well done, easy to use and with the different plans that are set up it is very easy to visualise how your fasting journey will look. If you are looking for a simple fast tracker then this app does it very well. If you’re looking to start fasting and take it a bit more seriously the paid option adds a lot of value with the coach and other features.

We hope this article was helpful and best of luck in your fasting journey!

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