Fasthabit Review

We’re going to be looking at Fasthabit today and what can this app do to make the process of fasting that little bit easier. With many people looking to fasting as a new lifestyle choice as a result of the research that is being done around it recently. There are many different apps to choose from, like Zero Fasting or the Bodyfast app, but Fasthabit has become fairly popular in recent years, and we’re going to look at the reasons why.

Fasthabit Review

Something to bear in mind with fasting is that the research is all very new. There is very limited research when it comes to the extremely long term effects of fasting so it’s something to pay attention to while you’re doing this. It may be that there are negative effects if done for very long periods of time but incredible upsides in the short term. We’ll just have to wait and find out.

In the meantime. We’re all here to try fasting and see what it can do for us. I think most people understand the premise but just in case; fasting is essentially where you restrict the usual nourishment our bodies take in such as food and drinks other than water. This effectively allows our bodies to focus on processes other than metabolism. Muscle repair and blood sugar control functions are just a few examples of our bodily functions which are improved as a direct result of fasting.


Pros and Cons


This app is very simple. I’m going to have this in the pros and cons section because it is more of a personal preference. If you’re looking for an app that will track your fasting periods and let you know when next you can eat, and this is all then this app is perfect. It’s very streamlined and there aren’t any of the bells and whistles that other apps include which may be a distraction if all you’re looking for is a tracker.

You also don’t have to sign up or sign in to anything here, it’s all tracked with in the app which is a nice bonus for those who don’t like entering their email to every other app these days.

A quick mention here to the price. The app is of course free but with a paid version. Compared to other similar apps Fasthabit has a one off payment to unlock the full features rather than a subscription style and is noticeably cheaper.


The app is very simple… Yes, you’ve heard that before. As I mentioned it is very much a personal preference. If you’re newer to fasting you may be looking for more of an educational app that explains then benefits of fasting, the different ways to go about it and how best to deal with the new lifestyle change. This app doesn’t do that. It does have a paid version but that is still not as in depth as other apps.


The app does a decent job of tracking what it does, but once again this is where the simplicity of the app is going to be either a plus or a negative for you.

It tracks your current fasting time and fasting trends across a few weeks, and that’s it for the free users. If you’re looking to open your app, select a time period you’re going to fast for and the starting the clock then this is for you.

Pro – Paid option

Pro is the paid version of Fasthabit. With the pro version you get notified with custom reminders for your goals, enhanced stats to allow you to better track your weight and includes easy to read graphs for you to visualise you progress more easily.

Something to note about the paid version is that it is only a one off purchase rather than a subscription that most fasting apps usually use. For me this is definitely a plus but this apps paid version is not providing as much as other apps paid versions so that is something to keep in mind.


Do you have to pay for Fasthabit?

Yes and no, the primary function of the app is fasting, and those features are all free. There are a number of paid features however such as custom reminders, enhanced stats and weights tracking. Unlike other apps this is a one-off payment rather than a subscription.

What can I have while fasting with Fasthabit?

While in the fasting stage of your day you are only allowed water. This is the essence of fasting, restricting your bodies access to all nourishment besides water so that your body can focus on bodily processes that aren’t metabolism which causes positive changes when done regularly.

How does fasting help me?

Studies have shown a variety of benefits to fasting. Namely, improved immune system, managing inflammation which may help chronic conditions such as heart disease. Improved blood sugar control which may help with diabetic symptoms. Also, noticeable benefits to weight loss.


In conclusion, Fasthabit is a good app for tracking your fast times and when you can next eat. The defining trait for Fasthabit is definitely it’s simplicity. This is going to be a make it or break it for you when it comes to using the app. It’s simple to the point where they aren’t any distractions or additions. It does what it’s there for and not much else.

If you’re looking for some help tracking fasting and already know what you want to know about the lifestyle then this is the app for you. If you’re looking for a more involved app that educates you more and gives you tips on diet and weight loss, then another app may be a better option.

Best of luck with your endeavours into this new lifestyle and we hope this article has helped in choosing the app that is best for you. Happy fasting!

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