Is Game Pigeon on Android devices?

Game Pigeon is one of the most popular games for iPhone users, with millions of users frequently the platform every day. It has a wide variety of games that you can play, which includes 8-ball pool, Mancala and Sea Battle.

And with these iMessage games becoming more popular, many Android users have asked the question – can I download Game Pigeon to my smartphone too? We took a quick look at whether or not this is possible for an Android user.

Can you play GamePigeon on Android ?

The short answer is that you can’t download Game Pigeon on Android directly from the Google Play Store to play iMessage games.

This is because Game Pigeon is integrated into iMessage games – it was literally created specifically for iOS devices, though you can play Game Pigeon on iPad too.

This means that you can’t simply play Game Pigeon on an Android phone, as it’s not designed to work with the Android OS.

However, there are a couple of ways you may be able to get around this – though they’re pretty long winded, and most people would be better off just using some Game Pigeon alternatives.

So, it is possible to play Game Pigeon on Android?

The long answer is that yes, you can play Game Pigeon on Android – but you have to put quite a bit of effort in to do this.

First things first, you need access to a Mac computer and the Mac OS to be able to play Game Pigeon on Android.

Then, you need to download a Java Development kit via an APK site (APK Mirror and APKPure are the most highly regarded).

Finally, you need to install the WeMessage app on your Android device. That’s the short method, but it’s actually quite long and honestly, probably not worth your time. You’re better off looking at playing a GamePigeon alternative.

Best alternatives to Game Pigeon on Android

There are plenty of different alternatives you can play multiplayer games with for Android devices – most games are designed for both Android and iOS device, it’s just Game Pigeon that’s specifically an iMessage game.

It depends if you’re looking to play multiplayer games or you want to play a specific iMessage game.

For example, here’s a great list of games like Tanks on iOS, or this list of cross platform games that are available on both operating systems.

If you want a network of games then you may want to look at downloading;

  • Plato – Probably the most similar to Game Pigeon on android, Plato has a small selection of multiplayer games that you can play against friends using their chatrooms. Their game collection includes battleships and pool, which are two of the most popular Game Pigeon games.
  • Hago – If you want to play Archery, then you’ll want to download Hago, as this is one of their top games. This small network of games has the ability to play by location too, so you can get matched with users near your location.
  • Mini-Games: New Arcade – New Arcade is another really popular collection of games that includes a variety of games from racing through to football, as well as board and strategy games too.


In conclusion, you can use GamePigeon on iPadOS and iOS devices very easily. This is because the platform was designed specifically for iMessage, which is Apple’s native messaging platform.

So, it isn’t available for Android users – natively, anyway. There are ways that you can access Game Pigeon on Android, but for most people this is going to be more hassle than it is worth. So in this instance, we recommend opting for an Android alternative to Game Pigeon instead.

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