How to win 8 ball pool on iMessage – Full Guide

One of the newest features on iOS 10 iMessage is the GamePigeon app. It gives users the chance to play 8 ball pool as well as other types of games with their contacts.

The aim of the game is to ‘pocket’ balls in number order 1-7 whilst the second player tries to ‘pocket’ the balls 9-15.

To win the game you have to be the first player to pocket all of the balls in your group and finally pocket the 8 ball.

It is the basic rules of 8 ball pool, just played in app form. To play this game and win there are tips and tricks you can use that we will examine in this article.

How to win 8 ball pool – iMessage games

You will first need to download and install GamePigeon on your iMessage app; this way you can play 8-ball pool and a variety of other games like Sea Battle. To do this follow the steps below:

  1. Open a conversation in iMessage and click the ‘A’ icon.
  2. In the options go to ‘Store.’
  3. Select GamePigeon to download the app.
  4. It will then display the game controller interface.
  5. Go back to iMessage
  6. The games will be listed in a group along with 8 ball pool.

What is ‘English’ in 8 ball pool?

English isn’t what you probably immediately think of when you read the word. In this case, it means putting a spin on your cue ball when taking a shot, and it’s a good idea to use this when making your opening play.

This is an ideal technique that you would use in real life pool too, as it can help you to get the perfect angle on your next shot.

So, make sure to learn how to do it on the app too, as it will help you pot the trickier shots like when a ball is over the pocket. And as mentioned, it is great to use when you break and take your first shot.

What tips can you use when playing 8 ball pool?

One thing you should do when you play 8 ball pool is – regardless of whether or not you want to play a game that day – open the app to use up your daily free spin on the ‘Spin and Win level.’

Spins give you coins to build better pool cues to help improve accuracy in-game, and making your cue stick more accurate makes it easier to hit your target ball.


Power isn’t everything in this game – in fact, the whole point of pool is finesse over power. If you set your desired power too high, you may not hit the cue ball directly.

So make sure to limit how much power you use and opt for a light touch to play this game, it will ensure better chances of success.

The best chance you have is to extend your aim in-game, to do this use post-it notes or a ruler to find your angle and extend the aim but keep an eye on the timer.

What is the importance of buying a better cue?

Once you have enough coins to buy a better cue, it will be essential in helping you to find success in this game.

The better your cue, the more chance you have at winning games of 8 ball pool, as it’s the best way to get way to gain advantage over the other player.


When you wait too long to take a shot your turn will be up before you manage to shoot.

So, tap and drag on the pool table surface just in front of the tip of the cue in order to speed up your shots, then you won’t get skipped over.

What tricks can you use to win 8 ball pool?

Firstly, aim for the second to last ball on the last row of balls when breaking. Once you aim for this ball, power up the shot to maximum power on the bar.

At least one will be potted by doing this and the rest of the balls will line up more easily for further shots.

When playing take notice of the aim circle before you take the shot. If the aim circle has lines in the middle of it then DO NOT take the shot, adjust the aim until it disappears, keep note of the timer.


In conclusion, there aren’t a whole load of cheats for 8 ball pool but some of the things we have listed here will help you improve your techniques in order for you to have a better chance at winning against your friends.

The main thing you can do though is practicing a lot and make sure you understand the rules of play because if you pot the 8 ball illegally you lose.

It goes without saying too, but just in case, don’t pot the cue ball because you’ll get penalized for that.

Practice, practice, practice is the best tip you can follow, the more you play the more you will get familiar with how to take certain types of shots.

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