Best crossword apps for mobile users

Solving crosswords is a great way to keep your mind and memory sharp. It’s not only good for your mind, but it tests your vocabulary too and keeps you active.

And nowadays, we no longer have to look in the newspapers to find the daily crossword puzzles – we can simply download a crossword app and get started. Here’s a few of the best crossword apps that Android and iOS users can download.

Crossword Unlimited – Best Traditional Crossword App

Crossword Unlimited is available on Google’s Android and iOS, and it provides crossword lovers with unlimited crossword puzzles as they’re generated automatically within the same.

The app is similar for most classic crossword puzzles, and your only responsibility is to pick the size and difficulty of your puzzle.

Once you have established the type of crossword puzzle game you want to play, all you need to do is select Play to get started.

After you start typing words, when there’s an error in the text, you’ll be given a chance to switch wrong letters out for the correct ones.

This is a very basic crossword puzzle, however this will probably be perfect for many users searching for a simple traditional crossword app that allows you to solve crossword puzzles in peace.

New York Times Crossword – Best Paid Crossword

This New York Times crossword app is a good option for pretty much anyone, as it’s the most popular crossword in the world.

The New York Times publishes an ever-changing crossword puzzle each morning and its difficulty levels vary.

When you start the app, the difficulty is listed at the top of each section of a crossword puzzle, so it’s easy to know whether it’ll be too easy or difficult for you.

If you want unlimited gameplay, you’ll be expected to sign up to a New York Times Games subscription to continue playing. However for some crossword lovers, this wil be worth every penny.

Bonza Word Puzzle – Crossword and Trivia Combined

One of the most popular crossword puzzles on Android, many users don’t know about Bonza on iOS, even though it is available on both platforms.

To play Bonza, you need to solve clues, as it’s more than just a crossword app – you combine crosswords with trivia in Bonza, which adds an extra element to the game.

You’ll get free daily puzzles when you download Bonza, which helps to ensure that you’re not stuck solving the same puzzles day in day out.

Bonza is a strange mix of crossword puzzles with trivia questions, and an extra jigsaw element added in too. Worth downloading for anyone looking for fresh puzzles and something a bit different.

World’s biggest crossword puzzle – Best crossword app for varied difficulty

As the name suggests, The World’s largest crossword app is exactly as it says – you get to play on a giant crossword grid – however, this is only one of the apps game modes.

It also has codewords, a word grid puzzle and a few more different crossword puzzles that crossword enthusiasts may enjoy.

Every day there is a new unique crossword puzzle available on this app, so you’re not stuck playing the same puzzles over and over again.

This large crossword puzzle is great if you love a variety of cryptic crosswords and mystery puzzles, as the various game modes keep it pretty fun.

Wordalot – Best Picture Crossword puzzle

If you want to do crossword puzzles with a twist, you can consider downloading the Wordalot app from the iOS App Store or Google Play store.

Rather than showing individual words on a puzzle, Wordalot shows pictures at the bottom of your display.

It’s then your objective to work out what those pictures meant – i’s a cool twist on traditional crossword formats, and worth checking out if you want to try something new.

Then, as normal you just need to enter the answer to the crossword puzzle into the crossword grid. Simple fun, but worth downloading for something different to play.

CodyCross – Best crossword app for kids

CodyCross is one of the most well known Crossword apps, probably because it’s constantly updated to ensure a solid gameplay experience. If you love to solve challenging crossword puzzles, CodyCross is worth downloading.

You have the ability to play crosswords from a variety of different difficulties, with tricky clues and cryptic puzzles designed to be difficult to solve.

CodyCross is designed primarily for kids (though adults can play the hard mode and still find it tricky!) and the theme of the game is to help Cody Cross (an alien) make his way back to Earth.

If you want to ensure that you’re not spending a lot of money, the coins that you get whilst playing CodyCross are usually enough not to have to worry about making in-game app purchases.

Though, the subscription option can be bought easily, and it may be worth it if you want to get rid of any in-game ads.

Cody-cross is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. So, if you’re looking for an adorable crossword puzzle application that is themed well for kids, this is one of the best options.

Crosswords with friends – Best for Multiplayer

Crossword with Friends is another pretty simple crossword app that allows you to play with your mates – although crosswords are typically a solo puzzle, the games are much more fun in groups.

Crosswords with friends has a variety of challenges to solve and competition to keep everyone entertained. This includes a new daily puzzle and thousands more puzzles in the library.

The best part about this crossword app is that you can invite friends to a challenge on the daily puzzles, and then keep track of the leaderboard and see who wins.

Within the puzzle itself, it is very similar to pretty much every other crossword. The clues appear on your display, and you’ll have to decipher the clue to work out what exactly the answer is.

This is another solid option if you’re looking for the best crossword apps, as it has plenty of free puzzles and fun with friends.


Even though some people still like to use traditional crossword books, many people have switched over to using crossword apps instead.

Because they’re designed in a simple way, it’s relatively easy for developers to build crossword apps for users to play (unlike farming games, which are much more complex).

This is great news if you’re looking for the best crossword app, as there are tons of challenging crossword puzzles to choose from. So, whether you’re looking for free puzzles or you’re fine with numerous in-app purchases, there’s a variety of different options to choose from.

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