Android Tank Games (Like Tanks for iOS)

Tanks is one of the best and most played games on GamePigeon for iOS, so what does Android have that is basically the equivalent or better? Well firstly, what is Tanks? (if you haven’t heard of it.) The aim of this game is to avoid taking hits by your enemies on your tanks whilst also destroying your opposing tanks. You can use explosive rockets, land mines, and aerial strikes but there are also defensive strategies you can use to ensure a win.

Now, on Android, there are an absolute ton of different Tanks-like games that you can download and a lot of them are free to play. We have had a look through the mounds of them and picked out some of the best and most popular available for Android. Below, in no particular order, we have listed them for your perusal, enjoy and happy-blowing-things-up!

Android Tank Games (Like Tanks for iOS)

World of Tanks Blitz MMO


World of Tanks is an MMO shooter that is free to play, there are over 300 tanks to choose from in this game giving you a full experience of military warfare. You can play battles of 7 versus 7 as well as engage in a progression system unlocking 10 tiers of tanks over the course of the game. World of Tanks is an easy game to learn with intuitive touch screen controls and personalized challenges where you can earn bonuses and achievements.

This is one of the best and most popular games on the Android Market, the community is insane and consists of approximately 50 million players so you will be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn’t know about this game. There is a huge variety of weapons and equipment and gameplay varies. You can participate with friends online in battles tournaments and ratings although free there are options to buy guns and equipment to upgrade.

Iron Force


Iron Force is an advanced game for Android with epic graphics and immersive gameplay. You move your tanks between buildings and basically anything you find in a city because that is where you are based in the game. The scenery is super realistic and fun to play amongst.

You must remember to equip your tank properly so you enhance your performance as well as choose one of the 5 available battlefields to battle in. You earn money and points for crashing other people’s tanks and you can pursue collectibles on the map. You are basically surrounded by real people playing online so the tactics are a lot harder to predict than if you are playing with AI, so you might have to get creative.

War Machines


War Machines is MMO is another massive online tank game where you control 3D tanks. Ultimately in this game, you are in a war where you have to fight against other players from around the world. You will use your tank to become the greatest warrior and win battles. You choose it’s a tank based on your needs for example heavy tanks and light tanks are used for different purposes throughout the game.

The game has many scenarios that are increasingly challenging you can play online matches, play one on one or play as an 8 man team therefore you will need an Internet connection for this game. You must destroy enemies, collect resources and upgrade your weaponry to win.

Tank Recon 3D


Tank Recon 3D is a much less complicated shooter game than some of the others in this article making it lighter and arguably more fun to mess around on. You can play different modes in Tank Recon, such as survival, hold the fort, and ambush modes, meaning you should employ different strategies to win where possible. You will be playing with various units such as tanks, planes, and AT guns to win. It’s one of the best 1MB games you can play.

Tank Stars

Now this game is a little bit more brightly animated than the games we have already listed, This is suitable for children and it shows, but it is also a nice reprieve from the seriousness of war. Blowing stuff up is all well and fun but sometimes you want to blow stuff up with pretty colors right? No? just me then. You don’t need to go through stats and upgrading for this game and actually the graphics kind of remind me of Lemmings, no idea why. There are lots of different tanks to use and items that you can utilize in battle.

Yes, this does support multiplayer so you can even play with friends if you fancy it, you earn points the more crashes you make. Although free to play the in-app purchases are pretty mad, they have a huge price range but the base game in itself is super fun so definitely worth a gander.


In conclusion, with the popularity of games like Tanks, it is good to know it isn’t just iOS users having all the war fun. Android has so many of these types of games that it is super hard to choose, but we hopefully have covered all the bases from kid fun all the way up to the more advanced, serious gameplay that you find in these types of games. All that is left for you to do now is for you to choose one, log in online, find some friends and start battering other people. Happy blasting guys!

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