How to play Sea Battle on GamePigeon – Tips

Sea Battle is basically Battleships, and who doesn’t love battleships? Sea Battle is a strategy-based war simulation and building management game. Players are the captain of their own ship, which is customizable in different ways.

You can change the sails, figureheads, hulls and masts. Plus, it’s a lot more customisable than playing Tanks on GamePigeon, which is fairly simple – so, let’s look at some ways you can gain advantage in the Sea Battle game.

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How to play Sea Battle on GamePigeon – Top Tips

The aim of the game with Sea Battle is to attack and sink the ships of the other players or attack them with canons.

To win this game you will need to use strategy and logic to attack the enemy ships and sink them whilst simultaneously avoiding having your own ships sunk.

Like with Battleships your placement of the ships is essential to winning so you can maximize offensive attacks as well as minimize defensive attacks.

Here’s how to get an advantage on your competition;

  1. Start by strategically placing your own ships on the board, you can move your ships however you want to although there are some restrictions. You cannot put your ships on the board horizontally and vertically.
  2. It is a good idea for you to keep your ships far apart enough they aren’t sat right next to each other on the board because this can cause a problem once the other players start attacking.
  3. If you do put them next to each other, the boxes around the ship will change to red until you move them again.
  4. Try to estimate where your opponent has placed their ships on the board.
  5. Pick one square at a time. If you land in water, then you will see a dot icon in the box.
  6. If you hit an opponent’s ship your phone will vibrate a little and you will see a smoke signal.
  7. If you miss, it switches to the turn of your opponent.
  8. When and if you have successfully guessed all the squares of your opponent’s ships you will see the ship appear and all the dots around the ship will fill in.
  9. You continue until you hit all of your opposing ships, or they guess all of yours.

This game requires patience and chess-like thinking as it can take quite a long time to play the game. It also depends on the responsiveness of your opponent.


If you prefer to play a shorter game change the size of your grid and decrease the number of ships you have at your disposal.

How to play a Sea Battle defense strategy

Part of playing strategically is ensuring that your opponent doesn’t get the upper hand.

It’s not always necessary for you to be aggressive when playing Sea Battle, because countering your opponents moves can lead to success.

  1. Don’t put everything in one corner, or one group because people innately look for patterns so you will be exposed easily. Try to change the strategy every time you play to avoid predictability.
  2. Put the biggest ships around the edge of the board if you want to take up this strategy. This way you can decrease the number of free spaces available to your opponent when they so sink your biggest ship. It is a good idea to use your biggest ships as bait because they are most likely to get hit first anyway.
  3. When there are large areas of open water, it is best to put your smaller ships here because they are more difficult to find within the expanse.

How to play a Sea Battle offense strategy?

This is a strategy game, and your battleship placement is key to success, which means that the right offensive movement is necessary.

Taking the enemy’s ships is paramount, and though it starts with a single ship, with the right strategy it won’t be long until you’ve won – if you follow these steps.

  1. It is a good idea to consider that the opponent you are playing against may have one of some of the things you have done in your own offensive strategies. So start around the edges and move along into the center of the board.
  2. Most people will play in a chessboard pattern. Pick either ‘Red’ or ‘Black’ squares and only aim for those squares. You will hit more boats this way even if you don’t hit all of them it will narrow down further choices.
  3. Some people make patterns like an X shape to divide up the board others will make + shapes to divide the board.
  4. When you hit a ship, keep on hitting until you have taken it out. When you take out a ship completely the boxes around it will fill in so you will automatically have fewer boxes to guess.

Another great tip is to remember your friends strategies, because people are creatures of habit and it is likely that you will do the same thing over and over again.

How to Install Sea Battle Using iMessage App Store

To play games like “Sea Battle” in iMessage, you can utilize the App Store for iMessage.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install and play “Sea Battle” (or a similar game if it’s available) via iMessage:

  1. Open iMessage: On your iPhone or iPad, open the iMessage app. Start a new conversation or tap on an existing one.
  2. Access the iMessage App Store: Below the message text field, you’ll see a row of icons. Tap on the App Store icon (it looks like an ‘A’).
  3. Browse or Search for the Game: Tap on the icon that looks like four ovals in the bottom-left corner to open your app drawer. Tap on the ‘+’ icon or the ‘Store’ icon to access the iMessage App Store. Once you’re in the iMessage App Store, use the search bar at the top to type in “Sea Battle” or any other game you’re interested in.
  4. Download and Install: When you find the game you want, tap on it to view more details. Tap the ‘Get’ or cloud download icon to install the game.
  5. Play the Game: After installation, go back to your iMessage conversation. Below the text field, tap the game’s icon to launch it. Follow any on-screen instructions to start the game. Typically, you’ll play a move and then send the game to your friend, who will then make their move, and so on.
  6. Play with a Friend: The fun of iMessage games is playing with friends. To start a game, tap on the game’s icon, make your move, and then send it. Your friend will see the game, make their move, and send it back.
  7. Manage Your Games: If you want to delete the game or manage other iMessage apps, simply go to the iMessage App Store, tap on your profile picture in the top-right corner, and then select “Manage Purchases” or “Manage” to see a list of your iMessage apps. From here, you can delete or organize your games and apps.

Remember, not all iMessage games are available in all regions, and game features might vary. Also, make sure that both you and the person you’re playing with have the game installed to play together.


In conclusion, this game is just battleships from back in the day, but it is obviously less messy to play, and you have less possibility of meeting a cheat.

When you go to the toilet someone taking a peek of your ship placement used to be common, well no more.

This game requires logical strategic thinking, as long as you remember people like to stick to habits you shouldn’t go far wrong. Keep hitting until you have sunk their ships and you are ultimately the winner. Happy battling.

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