How to leave a group on Discord – Quick Guide

Discord is home to many different servers, which are essentially group chats. You can create your own server, or join another server through an invite link.

After joining a Discord server, you are also free to leave it at any time. You do not need permission to leave; you can just leave of your own accord.

How to leave a Discord server

There are two different methods for leaving a Discord server. You can either leave someone else’s server, or leave a server a server you created.

Leaving a server you created is a bit more complicated that leaving someone else’s server. We’ll cover both of these topics in this article.

Leaving someone else’s server

Firstly, we’ll start by explaining how you can leave someone else’s server. Once you leave a server, you will no longer see it on your server list.

This means you won’t be able to access it, view it, or enter it. You also won’t receive any notifications from it. After leaving a server, you can always re-join through another invite link.

You can leave a Discord server on both Desktop and Mobile platforms. You can leave using either the Discord app or Discord website.

On Desktop

Open up Discord and sign into your account. Then, locate the server you wish to enter and right-click on the server icon. A set of options should appear.


Select the ‘leave server’ option to leave the server. A pop up will show up asking you to confirm whether you wish to leave the server. Click on ‘leave server’ to confirm your decision.

Alternatively, you can enter the server you want to leave, and click the downwards-facing arrow next to the server name. A list of options should appear.


Select ‘leave server’ to leave the server.

On Mobile

Go on Discord and log into your account. Then, press the three lines to open up the side tab. There should be a list of server icons displayed.

These are all the servers you’ve currently joined. Find the server you want to leave, and press on it.

Then, press the three dots beside the server name. A window should pop up showcasing some server options.


Select the ‘leave server’ option to leave the Discord server. This is fairly straightforward, and it is simple to leave a Discord server that was created by someone else.

Leaving your own server

There is no actual option for leaving a server you created. This is because you are the server owner, and every Discord server must have an owner to exist. Without an owner, a server will eventually be shut down.

However, there are still ways to leave your own server. There are two main methods for achieving this.

Transfer Ownership

You can choose to transfer ownership to someone else. This way, you will no longer be dubbed the server owner and will be allowed to leave the server.

To transfer ownership, find the server you wish to leave and right-click on the server icon. Click the ‘server settings’ option to access the server settings. Go to the ‘members’ tab and find the member you want to transfer ownership to.

Hover over their username, and select the three dots on the far right. Then, click the ‘transfer ownership’ option to make them the server owner.


Before deciding to transfer ownership, you should make sure that the member you’re transferring it to is alright with the decision.

You should also keep in mind that you cannot reverse the transferring of ownership yourself. Only the member you transferred it to will be able to transfer the ownership back to you or to someone else.

Once you are no longer a server owner, you won’t be able to transfer ownership at all. Therefore, you should make sure you’re transferring it to the right person.

Deleting your server

You can also choose to delete your server, which will effectively mean that you leave your own server by force.

This way, you won’t be a part of the server anymore. If you’re the only member in the server, you won’t be able to transfer ownership. Therefore, the only way to leave the server is by deleting it.

Make sure that you truly wish to leave the server before doing this as it will be irreversible. Once you’ve deleted a server, you cannot recover it.

To delete a server, open up Discord and find the server you wish to delete. Then, right-click on the server icon and select ‘server settings’. Scroll all the way down on the left side tab.


There should be an option called ‘delete server’ at the bottom. Click on it to delete the server.


In conclusion, you can leave a Discord server by selecting the ‘leave server’ option. Or, if you own the server, you must either transfer ownership before leaving, or you can delete the server completely.

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