How to transfer ownership in Discord – The easy route

Discord is a popular social messaging platform, which supports both word-based and voice-based communication.

The platform is especially useful for managing large group chats, and is a great place for meeting like-minded people. Many communities often have their own discord, where members can bond over common interests.

Each group chat in Discord is referred to as a server. Users can create their own Discord server, or join one if they have an invite link (though you may be able to join a Discord server without an invite link in some cases too). Each server’s creator is essentially the owner of that server.

How to transfer ownership of a Discord server

Despite each Discord server having a default owner, ownership can be transferred across members. Transferring ownership privileges to a new owner is pretty straightforward.

You may be an owner who wishes to leave the server, or simply wish to pass on certain responsibilities to another member. Fortunately, there are ways to transfer ownership of a Discord server.

First, before you attempt to transfer server ownership, there are certain conditions that must be met. You must already have the Discord app installed on your device.

You will need it in order to transfer ownership. You can download the Discord app by going to and clicking ‘download for Windows’. Or, scroll down to find download options for non-Window devices.


The other condition is that you must have permission to transfer ownership for the server in question.

To obtain permission, you must be the server owner. Even if you’ve been assigned an important role, such as a moderator, it doesn’t mean that you have the privilege to transfer ownership.

Discord servers can have multiple owners, with the maximum amount being 4 owners. If you’re an owner of a Discord server, you can transfer ownership for that specific server. You won’t be able transfer ownership for a server you don’t own.

In order to transfer ownership of a Discord server, first launch the Discord app. Once you’ve opened Discord, look at your list of servers. This list should be located to the far left, with each icon representing a server you’re a part of.

Find the server you wish to transfer ownership for, and right-click on the server’s icon. Then, hover over the ‘server settings’ option. This should open up another set of options. Select the ‘members’ option.


This should open up the server members settings. Find the user you wish to transfer ownership to, and hover over their username.

This should cause three dots to appear next to their username. Click on the the three dots, and select the ‘transfer ownership’ option.


Confirm any prompts that pop up in order to confirm the ownership transfer. Now, your ownership has been transferred and you will no longer be the server owner.

This means that you won’t have access to certain permissions anymore. You will, however, still be a part of the server as a member.

Transferring Discord Server ownership on Mobile

If you wish to transfer ownership using your Mobile device, you can do so as long as you have the Discord app downloaded.

You must also be the owner of the server you wish to transfer ownership for. iOS and Android devices have similar Discord apps to each other, so the steps for transferring ownership are essentially the same.

In order to transfer ownership on Mobile, launch the Discord app. Make sure that you’re logged into your account before attempting any further steps.

If you’re already logged in, navigate to your server list. You can access this list by clicking the three lines in the top left corner.

Find the relevant server, and press on it. Then, press the three dots beside the server’s name. This should be located near the top of the screen. Press on the ‘settings’ option to open the server settings.


Next, scroll until you find the ‘user management’ section. Press on the ‘members’ option. Locate the member you want to transfer ownership to, and press the three dots next to their username.


Finally, press the ‘transfer ownership’ option to transfer your ownership to them.

What if the owner has deleted their account?

Even though every Discord server has an owner by default, a server can become ownerless if the owner decides to delete their account without transferring ownership.

A Discord server without an owner will be automatically deleted some time after losing its owner, without even deleting the Discord server manually.

Since ownership can only be granted by the original owner themselves, other server members can’t claim ownership even if the owner is gone.

In cases like this, it’s best to look to Discord’s support service for aid. They can help you transfer ownership to keep the server from being deleted.

In order to reach Discord Support, go to This should take you to Discord’s request form.

Click on the drop-down menu beneath ‘what can we help you with’, and select ‘help & support’. A set of questions should then appear.


Fill in the different sections with the relevant information. Remember to refer to your Discord account when entering any personal information, such as your email address.

Also, underneath ‘type of question’, make sure to click ‘server ownership transfer request’. Once you’re done filling in the form, click ‘submit’ to send off the form.


In conclusion, you can only transfer ownership of a Discord server if you’re the owner of the server in question. You can easily transfer ownership using the Discord app on either Desktop or Mobile.

Simply navigate to the relevant server’s member settings, and choose a member to transfer ownership to. If you’re struggling to do so, or you’re part of an ownerless server, contact Discord Support for help.

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