The Best 2 Player iPhone Games on Different Devices

There are many 2 player games available for iPhones. However, many of these games are either played on the same/one device, or don’t allow you to choose the person you play with.

Examples of the former include most Hangman games, 2 Player Games: the Challenge, and 2 Player Quiz – Battle Game. Examples of the latter are usually online multiplayer games.

Whilst it can be convenient to play 2 player games on the same device, it can get quite cramped or difficult to do.

There isn’t much space on one iPhone for two people to use. Fortunately, there are some 2 player iPhone games that can be played on separate devices.

2 Player iPhone Games on Separate Phones

Two player mobile games can be pretty hard to come by when you’re not looking to play together on the same screen, which the majority of two player games are.

We’ll cover a few different 2-player iPhone games that can be played on different devices.

Virtual Table Tennis


If you want a simple mobile game that you can play against your friends whilst using different devices, you’ll probably want to check out Virtual Table Tennis. It’s a really solid option that provides tons of fun and provides a solid gaming experience.

It’s either single player or you can use the online multiplayer mode. With this, you can play Virtual Table Tennis by connecting to your friends using an internet connection or via Bluetooth.

Though not the most complex game, it’s a good way to eat up some free time if you’re looking for a game you can play in real time versus your friends.

Flappy Golf 2


When it comes to games with Multiplayer mode included, Flappy Golf 2 is definitely one that you’ll want to check out. It’s super fun, and a great choice if you love casual games.

The game is made by Noodlecake Studios, who also produce an array of other games like Flipping Legend and Bouncy Hoops. So, check out Flappy golf if you’re interested in playing Race Mode and going heads up against your buddies.

Glow Hockey 2

One of the more well known games that features a multiplayer mode, Glow Hockey 2 is a great mobile game to play against your friends. There are new themes and power ups added to the game, which make it a little more fun when playing local multiplayer.

The game lets you play 2 player iPhone hockey against one another whilst using separate phones, so be prepared to go head-to-head with your opponent.

Online Hangman Word Game

Price: $2.99 (one-time payment).

Online Hangman is free to download and use, but you can pay a one-time payment to remove all ads. It can be quite an addictive game, though typically it’s best to play casually with a friend.

Online Hangman Word Game is a free Hangman app, where you can play against other users online.

You can get randomly matched with another user, or you can invite a friend to play with you. You can search for other users online using their username, and send friend requests.

You can also receive and accept friend requests from other users. Once you’re friends with another user, you can invite them to a game of Hangman.

Hangman is a classic 2 player game, where one person chooses a word and the other person guesses said word. The player who chose the word must write down a dash for each letter in the word. This is usually done

Online Hangman also provides a single-player mode, where you can go through different Hangman levels.

These levels each require you to be the guesser, so you have to guess each word successfully before the Hangman is fully drawn.

Each level gives you a hint about the word, and each level gets progressively harder than the last. This single-player mode is useful for those who want a Hangman challenge, or those who like being the guesser.

Regardless of whether you succeed in guessing the word, the app will give you a bit of trivia/information about the word. This is a handy feature for helping users learn more about different topics.

Overall, Online Hangman Word Game is a great online Hangman app. The app allows you play with other users online as well as with your friends.

The app also provides a single-player mode for those who want a challenge, and gives pieces of trivia for each word. It’s a simple Hangman app, with the added bonus of being able to connect to other users.

Four In A Row

Price: £1.79 (one-time payment).

Four In A Row is free to download and use, but you can remove ads with a one-time payment.

Four In A Row is a free Connect 4 app, where you can play against an AI or against other users. The app has a single player mode, a two player mode, and an online mode.

The single player mode allows you to play against an AI, the two player mode lets you play with a friend on the same device, and the online mode lets you play online with other users.

You can create a game and get matched with a random user, or you can invite a friend to play with you. You can invite a friend by sharing a code with them, or you can enter a friend code you’ve received.

Four In A Row is a classic two player game, where players take turns placing checkers onto the board. The goal is to be the first to connect four of your checkers in a straight line.

These lines can run vertical, horizontal, or diagonal (in either direction). The app follows all the rules from the original physical board game, and is very simple to use.

Overall, the Four In A Row app is a simple app that mimics the traditional board game. You can play against an AI, play online with other users, or invite a friend to a match you created.

Dots and Boxes

Price: £1.79 (one-time payment).

Dots and Boxes is free to download and use, but you can purchase the ad-free version of the app with a one-time payment.

Dots and Boxes is a free app that mimics the original Dots and Boxes game. The original game is usually played on paper.

Dots and Boxes is a classic two player game, where players draw a series of dots in the shape of a grid. The grid size ranges depending on how long the players wanted the game to be.

Generally, it was a 5×5 or larger grid (the app uses a 7×7 grid). Players will then take turn connecting two of the dots together.

These dots must be adjacent to each other. The goal is to draw a line that completes a square or ‘box’.

Whoever completes a square gets to colour the square in their chosen colour. The one with the most squares at the end of the game wins.

The Dots and Boxes app is made by the same company that made the Four In A Row app. Both share a few features, such as the different play modes.

There is a single player mode that allows you to play against an AI, there’s a two player mode that allows you to play with a friend on the same device, and there’s an online mode that lets you play with other users on separate devices.

You can either create a game and get matched with another player randomly, or you can personally invite a friend to a game using a friend code. You can share the friend code, or input a friend code to join another user’s game.

Overall, Dots and Boxes is a simple app that mimics the traditional Dots and Boxes game. It is easy to use, and consists of multiple play modes.

You can play against an AI, against random users online, or against a friend.

Draw Something Classic


Draw Something Classic is free to install and use, but you can purchase in-game currency (coins) from within the app.

These coins are also given for free, so it’s not necessary to purchase coins in order to play the game.

Draw Something Classic is the free version of the original Draw Something app. Both essentially share the same features and gameplay.

Draw Something Classic is an app that allows you to draw pictures based on prompts you’re given. the prompts come in the form of different words.

You need coins in order to choose a word. Coins can be gained through check-in rewards and watching ads.

You can also purchase word packs with coins, or by watching ads. The word packs will give you more words to choose from.

The pictures you draw will then be sent to another player. You can either match with a random player online, or you can start a game with a friend.

You can choose a friend from your Facebook list, or you can find a friend through their email/username. The player that receives your drawing will have to guess what your prompt was.

Then, the player will choose a prompt of their own and draw it. The drawing will be sent to you and you’ll have to guess their prompt. The game goes back and forth for a few rounds before the game ends.

Overall, Draw Something Classic is a great ‘guess the drawing’ game. The turns are fairly quick, and it’s something you can play casually with your friends and other online users.

Other honourable mentions

As well as the games we’ve mentioned here, there are also a few others you may want to check out like;

  • Glow Hockey
  • Golf Battle
  • Clash Royale
  • Super Stickman Golf
  • Air Hockey
  • Ping Pong
  • Baby Dragons


In conclusion, there are quite a few 2 player games that can be played on different devices – you don’t need to worry about the games being cross platform, as typically they aren’t.

These are usually games that are played online, as you must be able to connect to other users in some way. Most of these games are based on classics, such as Four In A Row and Dots and Boxes.

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