How to turn off Discord notification sounds (Beeping Noise)

Discord is a popular messaging app, which is available cross-platform. Discord can send you notifications whenever someone messages you, or messages in a server you’re a part of.

You will also get notified whenever someone mentions you or replies to your message in chat. These notifications can sometimes play a sound to alert you of their existence.

Unfortunately, Discord notifications can pile up pretty quickly. This is especially the case if you’re in a larger server, or multiple servers.

If this is the case for you, you may find these notification sounds too frequent or annoying. Luckily, there is a way to disable Discord notifications sounds.

How to turn off Discord notification sounds

There are a few ways to turn off Discord notification sounds – you can disable the sounds in the Discord settings, or you can disable or mute the notifications themselves.

We’ll first explain how to turn off the notification sounds on your Discord servers, as click notifications can end up getting very annoying.

Launch the Discord app and click on the gear symbol. You should now be in the user settings. In the left side tab, select the ‘notifications’ tab. It should be under ‘app settings’.


In the notification tab, scroll down until you reach the ‘sounds’ section. In the sounds section, there should be a list of options.

Turn off the ‘disable all notification sounds’ option to automatically disable every option. All Discord notification sounds should now be turned off.

Or, if you want to keep some of the sounds on or be more selective about disabling notification sounds, you can manually disable the sound options.

This way, you can choose which sounds you want turned off, and which sounds you want to keep enabled.

How to disable Discord notifications

You can also get rid of Discord notification sounds by disabling all Discord notifications. This will stop notifications from your server, but also from the entire app.

Open the Discord app and go on the user settings. Navigate to the ‘notifications’ tab.


In the notifications tab, disable ‘enable desktop notifications’, ‘enable unread message badge’ and ‘enable taskbar flashing’.

Discord notifications should now be completely disabled. This means that you’ll no longer receive any notifications from Discord.

How to mute Discord notifications

You can also choose to mute your Discord notifications, which will stop you from getting any notification sounds. Muting Discord notifications is essentially the same as disabling them.

Muting allows you to be more selective about which notifications you wish to disable. You can mute an entire server, mute a channel, or mute a user.

To mute a server, open the Discord app and locate the server you wish to mute. Click on the server icon to enter it. Then, click on the downwards-facing arrow in the left side tab. Select ‘notification settings’.


Now, you can select ‘all messages’ to mute all messages in the server.

If you only want to mute a channel, find the channel you want to mute and right-click on it.


Select the ‘mute channel’ option to mute all notifications in the channel.

Finally, if you want to mute a user, find the user you wish to mute in the right side tab.


Right-click on their username, and check the box next to ‘mute’.


In conclusion, you can turn off Discord notification sounds in the user settings.

Though sometimes you may find your Discord notifications not working, usually they are pretty reliable at letting you know when you’ve got a new message.

You can also stop Discord notification sounds by disabling or muting Discord notifications completely, though you’ll want to remember to turn them back on again at some point.

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