How much does eHarmony cost?

eHarmony is still one of the most popular dating apps available, and though it’s been around much longer than Tinder and Bumble, it still has a core following that enjoy using the platform.

But with more competition, eHarmony has been forced into adapting their app for the modern age. This includes pricing adjustments and editing the capabilities of their members.

eHarmony Membership Costs

At the time of writing, eHarmony is one of the most expensive dating apps on the market.

The monthly premium light plan that is for 6 months is £29.90 for UK users, which puts it up there as one of the most expensive dating subscriptions the UK has.

Whilst it’s true that most eHarmony members are happy with the platform and its high success rates and quality memberships, eHarmony is still expensive for many of us.

However, an important detail that we shouldn’t ignore is that eHarmony does offer a full free membership and not a free trial, which is more than some other dating apps offer.

Only when you’ve used the free version and you’re happy with it do you need to sign up to the unrestricted, unlimited access version of the eHarmony platform.

Singles can choose to upgrade to eHarmony’s Premium plan, and when you do you’ll get access to everything that the premium plan offers.

What does an eHarmony Premium plan entail?

There are various different reasons why users sign up for an eHarmony Premium plan. This can include;

  • Unlimited messaging between you and other users, which is necessary when you meet someone you like.
  • The ability to change the distances between you and other matches, making it easy to find people close to you.
  • See which other members have viewed you first, which can help when initiating contact with others.
  • A more detailed personality profile that can help others find you easier depending on your compatibility.

If you’re looking for a serious relationship with someone, then it may be worth paying for the premium light plan and seeing how eHarmony treats you.

EHarmony costs for premium memberships – UK vs US

If you reside in England, prices for eHarmony membership are slightly different compared to the US.

Whilst the UK version may seem expensive at £29.90 per month, it’s actually quite a bit cheaper than the US version.

While currency fluctuations may occur eHarmony UK is a little more economical than

The US version is usually from $65.90 for one month, though you can get this price down to $35.90 if you sign up for a one or two year plan with the eHarmony service.

So actually, in comparison to the US version of eHarmony – which is exactly the same thing – the UK version is actually a little bit cheaper.

Is eHarmony worth it? – Our verdict

Is eHarmony worth downloading as a dating app? The truth is that there’s a difference between eHarmony and many other dating sites, and if you’re tired of Tinder then it might be worth downloading.

The website is actually quite impressive, and it’s user friendly when you’re using and navigating your way through the app.

When you sign up, you’ll be asked to take a personality quiz that determines your eHarmony compatibility score with other users.

The data scientists behind the questionnaires do a great job of making these matches suitable and try to make them as high quality and compatible as possible.

You don’t have to browse through countless random photos and profiles every day like you do with other services.

So, if you’re getting tired of using other surface level dating apps and are finally looking for something a little more serious, then you could consider giving this app a download.

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