How to cancel your eHarmony subscription

It’s a good idea to sign up for an eHarmony membership if you want an alternative to new-school dating apps like Bumble or Tinder.

Many users find that their eHarmony subscription is a great purchase that’s worth every penny, even at eHarmony’s relatively expensive cost.

However, others may want to cancel their eHarmony subscription before it renews – you can thankfully do that pretty easily within your eHarmony account.

Cancel your eHarmony subscription

You can cancel your eHarmony by clicking on your profile image and selecting the Data and Settings option from within. Here, you should be able to see the Manage Profile option.

You’ll see a section that reads My Membership – this is where you can cancel your Premium eHarmony subscription.

Make sure you do this before your membership expires if you want to avoid any additional recurring charges.

There are some people that think eHarmony intentionally makes it difficult for a person to delete their account so that they never cancel their subscription – you can make your own mind up to whether this is the case.

Once you’ve cancelled your eHarmony account, you can then go and test another dating website out instead – popular options that are similar but a little different are OKCupid and

How do I delete my eHarmony account after canceling my subscription?

You may want to go a step further than just a cancellation of your eHarmony account – you can opt to delete your account completely.

You can also do this within your Account Settings – you need to scroll down to the Profile Visibility section, which will give you the option to delete your profile permanently.

If you do decide to delete your profile, all of your data will eventually be deleted and will not be recoverable.

This includes all of your conversations, and all of your matches within your eHarmony account.

So, if there’s anyone on there that you wish to keep in touch with, make sure that you have their details in another location so you can keep them for future reference.

Why can’t I delete my account even though I cancelled my subscription?

There are a couple of reasons why you may not be able to delete your eHarmony account, even after cancelling your subscription.

One reason for this is that sometimes cancelling your subscription will not cancel your recurring payment, which can cause issues with you deleting your account.

You can’t close your account if you’ve paid for a subscription many months in advance – eHarmony get too many users wanting their previous paid account back after deleting it.

The other reason is that you’ve had a paid subscription assigned to your account, but you haven’t actually be charged for it yet.

Unless you pay for this monthly subscription, you won’t be able to delete your account. So, make the payment beforehand.

Can eHarmony refund my subscription if I cancel it?

Many dating apps do not provide refunds after cancellation, though if you’ve registered to a premium plan accidentally then eHarmony are usually pretty good at providing refunds to their users.

Once your subscription has begun, you only have a few days to request a refund from your membership from when the current billing cycle begins.

So, it’s important to get in touch with customer service quickly to ask for a refund back to your account.

Once your cancelation has processed, you should be back to your free account with limited access to settings within the eHarmony app.


It’s usually pretty straightforward to cancel your eHarmony subscription and even delete your account within the settings when you’re not happy with an app.

It’s a little bit harder to find these options with eHarmony, though it’s still possible for you to do this quickly.

After you’ve found an easy way to cancel eHarmony’s subscriptions, you can then venture into using alternative apps to find your next date.

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