eHarmony compatibility score: Why it’s important

Signing up for eHarmony is a good idea when you’re looking for love. Thugh there are various different dating apps that you can choose from, eHarmony is one of the most well known.

And when you sign up to eHarmony, you’ll eventually get your own eHarmony compatibility score.

However, not all users are familiar with how this works, and how the eHarmony compatibility score scale can affect the matches you get within the app.

What is an eHarmony compatibility score?

When you first sign up for eHarmony, you’ll be asked to take a quiz determining your character.

This will start by asking you simple questions about your hobbies and day to day activity, and what exactly you’re looking for in a partner online.

But as it progresses, it becomes a little more in-depth – it will ask you which shapes you most identify with, as well as what your most common habits are and how you perceive yourself.

Whilst asking you these questions, eHarmony requires every user that signs up to take their initial quiz – this is how they calculate their eHarmony compatibility score, by comparing your results of the quiz with others.

What is a good compatibility score on eHarmony?

When you’ve finished taking your intensive compatibility check, you’ll end up with a compatibility score.

The most compatible score you can get with eHarmony is 100 – you can effectively think of it as percentages, as those with 100% would be considered the perfect match for you.

At the final stage of your test, you will see other users’ profiles with compatible scores, ranging from the highest compatibility score down to the lowest compatibility score.

If you pass the compatibility test with another user, you’ll be listed in their potential matches within the eHarmony app.

What’s considered a poor compatibility score on eHarmony?

eHarmony uses an exclusive algorithm to find the perfect person for you depending on both of your personality profiles.

In the eHarmony app, they suggest you ignore scores under 80. If you have a lower compatibility score than this, then it could indicate that you have nothing in common with the other user.

However, this is obviously all to be taken with a pinch of salt – it’s really subjective, and it’s up to you if you decide to connect with someone that has a lower compatibility score than what the app suggests.

Anything below 60 is considered really poor compatibility, but again this is based upon eHarmony data.

Remember that eHarmony has more than 30 million users and operates in 200 countries, so there’s a wide variety of different users that the app needs to filter out.

Understand eHarmony’s compatibility score

eHarmony created their algorithms to make it easier for users to find the perfect relationship.

It is essentially a compatibility test. Users can use eHarmony by entering basic information about gender, but then more in-depth questions to analyse our individual personalities.

There’s actually a lot of effort that has gone into its compatibility matches system, and it’s one of many reasons why the app has stood the test of time against Tinder and other dating apps, and why users don’t cancel their eHarmony subscription.

Even though compatibility score is not essential to using eHarmony, it’s an added bonus of using the dating app.


Overall, if you’re looking for close matches then it’s best to chat to users that you have a compatibility score of over 80 with.

However, if you don’t really care about eHarmony’s take on things, you’re more than welcome to message anyone – no matter whether their score is 100 or 0.

Most users find that even if you answer all of the compatibility questions the same, you’ll probably still have differences with your match – it is dating, and we are humans, after all.

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