Are eHarmony free trials available?

eHarmony has been around for a while now, and it’s still one of the most popular dating apps that you can download. It’s worth getting the app if you want to meet new people, and potentially even find a new partner.

However, what’s not clear to those that haven’t used the app before is how much eHarmony costs, and whether you can get an eHarmony free trial period

Can you get an eHarmony free trial?

Unfortunately, there’s no way for users to get a free trial of the premium features of eHarmony without being invited within the app.

When you sign up to a free eHarmony account, you’ll usually be given a special offer of 3 or 6 months at a reduced rate, but at the time of writing eHarmony do not offer new members a free trial when they sign up.

eHarmony is free to new users

Originally launched over two decades ago, eHarmony has become an online dating platform that’s extremely popular within certain circles.

Over the last decade, eHarmony has progressed into a two tier members system. You can easily sign up for a free eHarmony account, which is essentially the very basic version of the app.

In the past, all eHarmony membership actually cost money – but the app has been forced into providing a free version, likely due to stiff competition from other dating sites and applications.

As well as this, eHarmony also offers a paid premium version of the app too. When you sign up to an eHarmony Premium membership, you’ll have access to more than you would with your basic membership.

Signing up to a premium membership will give you the following benefits;

  • The ability to view unlimited photos within the same day, which is currently limited when using a free plan.d
  • Unlimited messaging between you and other members – users often upgrade when they meet someone they want to continue chatting with regularly.
  • The ability to adjust distances between you and other members, which can be extremely useful if you’re interested in localised dating.
  • A more detailed personality profile, which can help when finding other singles to connect with via your compatibility score.

There are more benefits than just this to signing up for a Premium membership, but those are the main ones.

For most people, it’s usually worth just signing up to a free account and seeing how you get on with the app, then upgrading later.

EHarmony Free Trial vs. The Free Communication Weekend

Many users get confused between eHarmony’s Free Communication Weekend and getting a free trial with the service. The truth is that these are two separate programs, completely independent of each other.

In recent years, eHarmony hosts the Free Connecting weekend in order to try and convert free members into paying members.

This is a trial offer of a premium account on the dating app eHarmony, and it lets new users send a message on the website and try the site without any payment fees.

This eHarmony promo is very popular, and it’s worth trying if you get offered to try the service from within your account.


In conclusion, you can create a free eHarmony account easily by simply signing up to the platform. If you like how the free version works, you can then consider signing up for the premium membership instead of the free version.

In the past, eHarmony has run temporary free trials of their premium service for free eHarmony members, in an attempt to get them onto a paying membership.

There’s no way to get this offers aside from waiting for an email when the company decide to run the program again.

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