Fast chat Tinder not working? Here’s the reason

Tinder Fast Chat is a fun new feature that allows users to get to know each other better – but not too well. Though it’s been received pretty well, some users have said they’ve had issues trying to use the Fast Chat feature.

Here’s what you need to know if Tinder’s new feature isn’t working on your Android or iOS device.

How to Fix Tinder Fast Chat

In short, your Tinder chats won’t work unless you update it yet. Fast Chat is an update to the Tinder app that lets tinder users chat with someone before they match, though if you haven’t updated the app, you won’t have access to it.

This isn’t the only reason that Tinder Fast Chat may not be working on your device. Let’s look at a few more reasons why Fast Chat blind date may not appear in your app.

1. Make sure you update the Tinder app

You need to update to use Tinder fast chat blind date in the first place – it may not even appear on your device if you haven’t updated to the newest version of the app.

If you’ve already used Fast Chat in the past, one of the main reasons why you may find that Fast Chat stops working is because you’ve neglected to keep your Tinder app updated.

If you don’t ritually update your apps, then bugs can appear that stop it functioning as normal. Developers work to keep apps updated and bug-free, so make sure that your app is updated first if you want to ensure that Tinder fast chat works as it should.

2. Delete the app and re-install

Corrupted data or an issue with your account login could be stopping you from chatting to other people on Tinder. Instead of running through the settings and adjusting things, the best way to fix this is to actually delete the app from your device and then re-install it.

What this does is get rid all the cached data that’s been saved to your device – if any of this is corrupted and affecting the Tinder dating app, it’ll be deleted when the app is removed. This will also fix any account issues you may be having too.

A fresh install of your app is a great way to fix a lot of application problems, and once done you can get back to fun conversations with strangers.

3. Make sure your internet is connected

Tinder relies on the internet to work properly on your phone. You need a stable connection to browse your matches, explore another person’s profile and use the Fast Chat feature too.

There are a couple of ways you can fix your mobile phone’s internet – the easiest way is to restart your Wi-Fi router, or turn off the mobile data on your device by switching it into Airplane mode.

Then, reconnect your device to the internet again and see whether you can browse through your matches. If this doesn’t work, then there’s probably something else that’s stopping the app from working.

4. Check Tinder’s server

On some rare occasions, you may not be able to view the Fast chat blind date feature on your device because of an issue with Tinder’s server. If the servers are down, there’s no way you can use the online dating platform properly to have conversations.

You can use the Down Detector to check Tinder’s servers and see if there’s an issue there. If so, you’ll just have to wait for it to be resolved.

What is Tinder Fast Chat?

Tinder Fast Chat, also known as the blind date feature, is a quick-fire way to leave any conversation fast. You can always leave the conversation yourself, but with Fast Chat the conversation will automatically end after a certain amount of turns – hence “fast” chat.

When your time expires, the person will appear on your card pile at this point, you can Like or Super Like them if you want to keep in touch.


Tinder has become the most popular dating app around, and with good reason – the platform tries to keep its functions updated and current so its users can not only meet a new partner, bit also have some fun.

Fast Chat is a great way for users to do that, though unfortunately it doesn’t always work. If you do have issues with the Tinder fast chat feature, hopefully this has helped you clear up the issue.

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