Discord can hear my audio – How to fix

Discord is an application that allows people to text-message and voice-call other users. You can join group chats of any size, set statuses, add emotes, and much more.

When you voice-call in Discord, the app should only pick up audio through your mic or input device. It shouldn’t pick up game audio from your output device.

This refers to audio that comes out of your device, such as YouTube audio or game audio. You should only be able to hear each other’s voices on the call.

However, there can be times where Discord picks up on your device audio and makes strange sounds – in rare cases, Discord can sometimes sound like a robot.

This often means that other Discord users in the voice call can hear things like your game audio, which can make it difficult to communicate.

Discord can hear my audio – How to fix

There are various different problems you can have with Discord, and in most cases, simply closing down the app and then re-opening it should do the trick and get it working again.

You may also want to adjust your user settings to see if that affects your audio output. We’ll now go through some ways to stop Discord from hearing or picking up your device audio.

Restarting Discord

The first method for fixing the game audio issue is by simply restarting the Discord app. Discord may be acting up due to a minor glitch or bug. Restarting the app can help get rid of such glitches. To restart Discord, first close the app.

You can do this through a number of ways. The easiest method for closing Discord is clicking on the ‘x’ icon in the top right corner.

If Discord is having trouble closing through this method, you can end the program using the Task Manager (Windows-key + X>Task Manager). Find the Discord app in the Task Manager and select it. Then, close the program by clicking the ‘end task’ option.


Or, if you’re unable to access the Task Manager, you can force close Discord by restarting your device. Go to Start Menu > Power button > Restart.


You can also access the restart option by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete>Power Button>Restart.

Once you’ve closed the Discord app, relaunch it by double-clicking the shortcut for Discord. Or, you could search for ‘discord’ in the Start Menu, and select the ‘open’ option to launch the app.

Now, check whether the audio issue has been resolved. If you can still hear internal sounds in your game audio, you may want to open sound settings and see if you can fix it there.

Check Device Settings

Another method for stopping Discord from picking up your game audio is by altering your sound settings. There may be an issue with your sound settings, which is causing Discord to pick up your game audio.

Open up the sound settings on your device by pressing Windows-key + I, and clicking on the ‘sound’ option.


Now, check on your audio devices. If the Stereo Mix device has been enabled, your game audio could be interfering with the mic audio.

To check these settings, scroll until you see the option for ‘more sound settings’. Click on the option to open the advanced sound settings. A new window should appear. Navigate to the ‘recording’ tab.


Locate the Stereo Mix device and right-click on it. A set of options should appear. Select the ‘disable’ option to disable the device.

Afterwards, you should ensure that the right mic device has been set as the default input device. To check the mic settings, go back to the ‘recording’ tab. Locate the mic device and right-click on it. Click on the properties option to access the mic settings.


Navigate to the ‘listen’ tab. Make sure that the box next to ‘listen to this device’ has been unchecked. Then, select the ‘advanced’ tab.

Uncheck the boxes for ‘allow applications to take exclusive control of this device’ and ‘give exclusive mode applications priority’.

Once you’re finished, click the ‘apply’ option to confirm the changes. Then, close the settings by clicking ‘ok’. Now, return to Discord to see if the audio problems have been fixed.

Check Discord Settings

If changing the sound settings on your device didn’t help solve the audio issue, the problem may lie with Discord’s audio settings.

To access these settings, launch the Discord app and select the gear icon. Then, click on the ‘Voice & Video’ option from the left side tab. This will open up the Discord audio settings.


Check whether there are any issues with your input and output device settings. These settings should be located near the top of the page.

Click on the drop-down menu for ‘output device’ and make sure that the right device has been selected. Then, click on the drop-down menu for ‘input device’ and ensure that your mic has been selected. Save these changes and restart the Discord app.

If Discord is still experiencing audio issues, try resetting the voice settings on Discord. Open up the ‘Voice & Video’ settings again and scroll all the way to the bottom. There, you should find the ‘reset voice settings’ option. Click on the option to reset the sound settings.


Now, try voice-calling on Discord once more to see if the audio issues have been resolved.

Stop Screen-sharing

Discord may be picking up your device audio due to screen-sharing. Discord gives you the option to share your screen whilst voice-calling.

If you share your screen, Discord will pick up your device audio. You can easily stop screen-sharing by clicking on the ‘x’ icon above the screen-share option.


Now, check whether Discord is still picking up your device audio.

Check Sound Drivers

Discord may be picking up your device audio because of an issue with your sound drivers. You can try disabling your sound drivers to see if it fixes the issue.

To disable your sound drivers, open the sound settings. You can access these settings by pressing Windows-key + I, and selecting the ‘sound’ option.


Scroll down until you see the ‘more sound settings’ option. Click on the option. A new window should then appear. Select the ‘playback’ tab.


Find the Realtek Speaker device and right-click on it. Then, select the ‘disable’ option to disable the device.

Once you’re done, click ‘apply’ to finalise the changes. To close the window, click ‘ok’. Now, try voice-calling in Discord again to see if the audio issues have been fixed.


In conclusion, Discord may be picking up your device audio due to an issue with your sound settings. Check whether the input and output devices have been correctly selected. You should also check the input and output device settings in Discord for any issues.

If the problem doesn’t lie with the sound settings, there may be an issue with the app itself. Try restarting it, and make sure that you’re not currently screen-sharing. Screen-sharing allows Discord to pick up device audio.

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