My Discord sounds like a robot – Robotic voice fix

Discord is a free messaging platform, which supports both text-messaging and voice-calling. Discord has a lot of voice and sound features that help improve their audio quality, such as echo cancellation and noise suppression.

However, despite all their sound features, Discord can still experience audio issues. For example, Discord audio can echo or decrease in quality. Sometimes, audio can even become distorted or robotic-sounding.

My Discord sounds like a robot

If you’re getting robotic voice issues from your Discord server, it’s likely you can fix this just changing your user settings. This could be just adjusting your QoS settings, adjusting your server location or closing all of your background applications.

There are a few different methods for solving robotic-sounding Discord audio. We’ll go through a few of these methods in more detail.

Turn off Quality of Service

The first method for fixing distorted Discord audio is disabling the quality of service setting in Discord.

Open the Discord app, or log into your Discord account on the Discord website. Then, select the gear icon in the lower left. This will allow you to access the user settings. Navigate to the Voice & Video section using the left side tab.


Once you’re on the Voice & Video section, scroll down until you see the option for Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority. Toggle the switch next to the option to enable the setting. You can toggle the switch by clicking on it. If the switch is green, the setting has been enabled.

Change Server Region

Another method for fixing robotic Discord audio is changing your server region – there’s usually no need for you to delete your Discord server, as simply switching the location should be enough.

Discord has different servers for different regions. Sometimes, servers will experience difficulties, which can affect Discord’s functionality. In these cases, you can try changing servers to see if it solves any issues you’re experiencing with Discord. Then, you can change back to your original server after a day or so. Server issues usually don’t last long.

Alternatively, if you’re already using a different server region, try switching back to your original server region. Or, choose a region that’s close to your actual location.

Distorted Discord audio is often due to connection issues. If you’re on a server region that’s quite far from your actual location, you may experience connection problems.

To change your Discord server region, launch the Discord client. You will be altering the server region for specific Discord servers. Discord servers are essentially group chats. You must be the owner or admin of the Discord server in question to change its server region.

After you’ve launched the Discord app, navigate to your server list. Your list of servers should include all the servers you’re currently in. The list is located to the far left of the screen.

Scroll through the list until you find the server you wish to change the region for. Right-click on the server icon to open up a list of options. Select the ‘server settings’ option to access the server settings.

You should be directed to the overview tab by default. In the overview tab, look for the server region section. Underneath the server region section, click the ‘change’ option.

Now, choose a region to change to. Make sure to choose a region close to your actual location. You should also try to choose a region that has a large amount of users.

Close Background Programs

Another method for solving distorted Discord audio is closing background programs. Sometimes, having too many programs open at once can take a toll on your device’s performance quality.

Try closing all your background applications before attempting to use Discord once more. Discord’s performance may be malfunctioning due to your device using too power.

In order to close your background applications, open up Task Manager. You can access the Task Manager by pressing Windows-key + X, and selecting the ‘Task Manager’ option.


The Task Manager will show you all the programs that are currently running on your device. Sometimes, programs will continue running even after you’ve closed them. These programs should also appear in the Task Manager. To close a program, click on it and select the ‘end task’ option.

You can also use the Task Manager to check your performance stats. Click the ‘more details’ option to expand the window. Then, navigate to the performance tab.


Reduce Network Usage

Discord may be experiencing distorted audio due to issues with your connection speed. If your connection speed is too low, it can affect Discord’s performance.

If you’re sharing your Wi-Fi Network with other people, your connection speed may be affected by their activities. Things that take a while to complete, such as downloading content, can take up a lot of bandwidth.

Try accessing Discord when no one else is using a lot of bandwidth. Or, if you’re doing something else in the background that requires bandwidth, try halting those activities when on Discord.

If you’re using the internet on multiple devices, try only using one device at a time when accessing Discord.

You can take a speed test to see if you’re experiencing low connection speeds. If you’re sharing the bandwidth with other people, you can try to set a bandwidth limit per device. This will prevent anyone from using up too much bandwidth.

Alternatively, you could simply be experiencing internet issues, which can affect your connection speed. Try restarting your internet router, or disconnecting and reconnecting to your Wi-Fi Network.


In conclusion, robotic audio in Discord is usually caused by faulty internet connections. Try changing your server region if you’re a Discord server owner, as this often fixes robotic or distorted voices.

Your current server may be experiencing issues. You can also try closing any background applications to improve device performance. If none of these solutions work in solving the robotic audio, try contacting Discord Support.

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