How to restart Discord – Quick & Easy Guide

Discord is a platform for communicating with other users. You can use Discord to send text messages, make voice calls, share screens, and much more.

You can send DMs, join/create group chats of any size, and even mark spoilers so you don’t ruin someones evening. Discord has their own website, as well as their own applications. The application can be installed on both Desktop and Mobile.

The app can sometimes start acting up. Discord may be experiencing a glitch of some sort, or the Discord app may stop working, be frozen or failing to load.

In these cases, one common solution for fixing those issues is restarting the Discord app. Doing this refreshes the app, which can help get rid of any glitches or loading issues.

How to restart Discord on Desktop

Of course, the easiest way for you to restart Discord is to simply close down the app and re-open it on your device. If it won’t close, you may need to force Discord to close in your settings.

If this doesn’t work, there are a few methods for restarting the Discord app. We’ll first cover how you can restart Discord on Desktop.

Using the ‘x’ button

In order to restart Discord, you must first close Discord. There are a few ways to close Discord, but the simplest method is by clicking the ‘x’ icon in the top right corner. By default, clicking the ‘x’ icon will only close the Discord tab. It will not fully stop Discord’s activities.

Instead, Discord will be minimised to only appear in the system tray. You can prevent this from happening by opening the user settings in Discord. You can access these settings by clicking the gear icon.

Once you’ve opened the user settings, navigate to the ‘windows settings’ tab. Disable the option for ‘minimise to tray’. Now, clicking the ‘x’ icon should fully close the Discord app.


After you’ve closed Discord, restart it by double-clicking the Discord shortcut. Or, you could search ‘discord’ in the Start Menu, and click the ‘open’ option to relaunch Discord.

Using the Task Manager

You could also choose to close Discord using the Task Manager. You can access the Task Manager by pressing Windows-key + X, and selecting ‘Task Manager’.

Alternatively, you can open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete, and clicking the ‘Task Manager’ option. If your device is frozen, you can use this method to access the Task Manager.

Once you’ve opened the Task Manager, locate the Discord app and click on it. Then, select the ‘end task’ option in the bottom right. This will close the Discord app.


After you’ve closed Discord, relaunch it by double-clicking Discord’s desktop shortcut. This will effectively restart Discord from fresh.

Using the System Tray

You can also close Discord using the System Tray. You can access the system tray by clicking on the arrow to the right of your taskbar. The arrow should be an upwards-facing arrow.

Clicking the arrow should open up the system tray. The system tray shows you apps that are either currently active or you’re currently logged into. Find the Discord app, and right click on it. A set of options should appear.


Select the ‘Quit Discord’ option to close Discord. Then, restart Discord by double-clicking the Discord shortcut.

Shut Down or Restart Device

If the Discord app is frozen, you may be struggling to close it using the methods mentioned above. Instead, you can try to force close Discord by either restarting or shutting down your device.

To restart your device, click on Start menu > Power Button > Restart. To shut down your device, click on Start menu > Power Button > Shut Down.


If your device is frozen and you can’t access the Start Menu, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Then, select either the ‘restart’ or ‘shut down’ option.

After you’ve closed Discord, relaunch it by double-clicking the Discord shortcut.

Restarting Discord on Mobile

We’ll now go through how you can restart Discord on both iOS and Android devices.

For iOS

To restart Discord on iOS, first access your tabs by double-pressing the home button. This will showcase all your currently open tabs.

You can go through the different tabs by swiping left and right. Locate the tab for the Discord app, and swipe up on it. This will close the Discord app.

After closing the Discord app, relaunch it by pressing on the Discord app icon. This should be located in your home screen.

For Android

There are two methods for restarting Discord on Android devices. We’ll go through both of these methods.

Close Tab

The first method for restarting Discord is by closing the Discord tab. You can access your tabs by pressing the tab icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

This will show you all the tabs you have currently open. Swipe through the tabs until you find Discord. Swipe up on the Discord tab to close it.

Then, relaunch Discord by pressing on the Discord app icon. This should be in your home screen somewhere.

Force Stop App

If Discord is struggling to close through the method mentioned above, you can force close it by force stopping the app. To force stop Discord, first open the settings.

Then, click on the ‘apps’ icon to open the apps list. Find the Discord app and press on it. Select the ‘force stop’ option in the lower right to force close the app.


Once you’ve closed the Discord app, relaunch it by pressing the Discord app icon. You should then be able to access your Discord servers without an issue.


In conclusion, you can restart Discord through a number of methods. You can close Discord using the Task Manager or System Tray, and relaunch it using the desktop shortcut. If your device is frozen, you can restart your device to force close the Discord app.

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