What does rate limited mean on Discord?

Discord is a well-known application for messaging and voice-calling. Discord offers other features as well, such as special emotes, roles, creating a custom status and more. There’s even a feature for preventing people from overusing Discord.

This stops people from overloading or abusing Discord’s services. If someone is overusing Discord, an error will appear. The error will state that ‘you are being rate limited’. We’ll discuss more about what the error means, as well as how to fix it, in this article.

What does rate limited mean on Discord?

Discord has a feature that stops users from overperforming certain actions. If you use a particular feature too many times, you will receive an error stating ‘you are being rate limited’. This should only occur if you repeatedly use a feature in rapid succession.

If you use a feature repeatedly whilst spacing out your actions, you shouldn’t trigger the ‘rate limited’ error. If you receive the error, Discord should also tell you how long you should wait before attempting the action again.

The amount of time is referred to as the ‘rate limit timer’, and varies depending on the situation. The rate limits on Discord also differ according to the feature and account.

How to fix rate limited error

Now that we’ve discussed what being rate limited means on Discord, we’ll go through how you can solve this error if you receive it. The main reason behind a rate limited error should be due to security problems.

For instance, the rate limited error can appear if you repeatedly try to enter a text verification code. This stops hacking programs or users from attempting to guess the verification code through trial and error.

The rate limited Discord error is pretty common. There are a few methods for fixing this error, some of which we’ll cover in this article.

Wait it out

The simplest and easiest method for bypassing the rate limited error is by waiting out the rate limit timer. The rate limit timer is the amount of time you must wait before you can attempt a certain action again.

Discord should tell you what the rate limit timer is when you receive the rate limited error. If the rate limit timer isn’t very long, it’s probably best if you just wait the allocated amount of time before going on Discord once more.

Use a Mobile Hotspot

Another method for getting rid of the rate limited error is by using a Mobile Hotspot. This will alter your current IP address, which can help you bypass the rate limited error and any IP ban.

Using your mobile hotspot will mean that you’re using a new IP address, meaning the error message should be resolved. Before attempting this method, log out of your Discord account.

You should also make sure to have access to Mobile Data. In order to use a Mobile Hotspot, you must have a phone that has access to Mobile Data.

Using a Mobile Hotspot means using a phone’s Mobile data from another device. The phone will be sharing its data with the other device.

In order to use a Mobile Hotspot, first open your phone and other device. Let’s say that the other device is your PC. Once you’ve opened both devices, go to your PC. If your PC is already connected to a Wi-Fi network, disconnect it from the network.

You can do this by clicking on the Wi-Fi icon in the lower right. This should cause a tab to pop up. On the tab, click on the right-facing arrow. This will open up a list of Wi-Fi networks. Find the network you’re connected to, and click the ‘disconnect’ option below it to disconnect from the network.

Now, go to your Mobile device. If it’s already connected to a Wi-Fi network, disconnect it from the network. This will allow it to use Mobile data.

To disconnect it from the Wi-Fi network, open up the settings and select the ‘Wi-Fi’ option. Toggle to switch for Wi-Fi off to disconnect from the Wi-Fi network.


Once both devices have been disconnected from any Wi-Fi networks, enable Mobile data on your phone.

To do so, open the settings and locate the ‘Mobile Data’ option. Select the option to access the Mobile Data settings. Toggle the switch on for Mobile Data to enable it.


After you’ve enabled Mobile Data, select ‘personal hotspot’. Beside the option for ‘allow others to join’, toggle the switch on. Below the option should be a password for the Hotspot. Go to your PC and open up the Wi-Fi settings.

On the list of available networks, find your phone’s Hotspot. Select the Hotspot and enter the password for it when prompted. Your PC should now be connected to the Mobile Hotspot. Now, try using Discord again to see if the error still appears.

Use Another Wi-Fi Network

You could also try bypassing the rate limited error by changing your Wi-Fi network. This also works in changing your current IP address.

Rate limits are placed according to IP, so changing your IP address should solve the error. Before changing your Wi-Fi network, you must first log out of your Discord account.

Then, open the Wi-Fi settings on your device. If you’re on a PC, select the Wi-Fi icon to the right of the taskbar. A tab should appear. Click on the right-facing arrow, and select the ‘disconnect’ option to disconnect from your current Wi-Fi network.

Afterwards, choose another network to connect to and click on it. This should start connecting your device to the network. If the network had a lock icon on it, it means it’s password-protected. If there’s no lock icon, the network doesn’t require a password.

Reset Internet Router

You can also try to alter your IP address by resetting your internet router. Most internet broadbands don’t give you a fixed IP address.

This means that the IP address can be changed. Fully resetting an internet router can cause the IP address to change. To reset an internet router, first unplug the router from its power socket. Then, press and hold the power button for a minimum of 30 seconds.

Afterwards, plug the router back into the power socket and start it up. You should also restart your device to refresh its internet connection. Now, go back to Discord and see if the rate limited error has been fixed.

Contact Discord Support

The last thing you should probably do before giving up is to go ahead and restart Discord, as it may be an issue with an outdated version of the app.

If none of the solutions above worked in solving the rate limited error, try contacting Discord’s support service for help. It may be an issue you’re unable to solve yourself, like your IP address being permanently banned. You can find Discord’s request form here.


In conclusion, being rate limited on Discord means that you’re no longer able to perform a certain action. This prevention should be temporary.

After a certain amount of time, the rate limit should be lifted. Rate limits occur when you repeat an action too many times in succession. You can bypass this error by waiting out the allocated amount of time, or changing your IP address.

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