Bumble symbols meaning icon and message notifications explained

Bumble icons are pretty extensive, and you need to know what each of them mean to be able to use the app properly.

We’re going to run through the main icons and symbols that you’ll come across when using the Bumble app. That way, you can be sure that you’re always doing the right thing.

Bumble Symbols

Blue checkmark

If you see a Blue checkmark next to someone’s name on Bumble, this simply means that they have verified their account.

You can verify your Bumble account from within your settings. This lets other users know that you’re a genuine user of the platform and not a catfish.

Bumble Yellow Dot

One of the simplest symbols you’ll see in your Bumble app, a yellow dot next to someone’s profile picture is simply an indication that you’ve got an unread message from that person.

Bumble Yellow Heart

Just like you have Super likes on Tinder, you have SuperSwipes on Bumble, which are indicated by a yellow heart.

This will skip you to the top of the match queue of whoever you use it on, so it’s worth saving them for the right person.

Bumble Grey Pencil

A small pencil next to your profile picture indicates that you can edit your details – you’ll see it next to your profile picture, indicating that you can change your profile pic.

Bumble Spotlight

The Bumble Spotlight symbol only shows when you’re actively using Bumble Spotlight, which is a premium feature available for paid users.

When you activate Bumble Spotlight, you’ll be boosted in visibility to other users of the platform, and end up with more matches.

Bumble Green Lightning bolt

A small lightning bolt is a sign of Bumble Boost, the cheapest subscription plan you can opt for of the Bumble paid packages. This gives you access to things like Bumble’s Travel mode.

Bumble Circles

The profile picture of your matches in your match queue also indicate something different from one another.

Bumble Blue Circle meaning

A Blue Circle surrounding the person’s profile picture indicates that you’ve extended the match time between you.

Bumble Red Circle meaning

When it changes to a red circle, this means that the match has almost expired. If you don’t extend or a message is sent quickly, the match will expire.

Bumble Yellow Circle meaning

The Yellow circle indicates that both you and the other user have both swiped right on each other and a match has been made.

You only have 24 hours to send the first message to the other users when you’re both in yellow circle mode.

Bumble Green Circle meaning

If you find a green circle around someone’s profile picture, this simply means that they’ve swiped right on you.

However, a match hasn’t been formed yet until you swipe right on them back. Then, this will change to a yellow circle.

Bumble Modes

As well as the standard Bumble, there have also been different modes introduced to the Bumble app too.

This includes the Bumble Bizz edition, which is specifically designed for networking at a professional level.

Eventually Bumble also introduced Bumble BFF too. Bumble BFF allows users to make new friends on the platform in a completely platonic way.

Bumble Gender Symbols

Bumble also has Gender symbols that can be used to let people know which gender you identify as.

You have the man symbol on Bumble (♂); the female symbol on Bumble (♀); and also the Gender Neutral symbol on Bumble (☿).

These can be extremely useful for when you want to know which gender someone is before you send them a message.


There are various different icons on Bumble and they all mean different things to one another. Knowing what they mean is necessary if you’re looking to have the best Bumble experience possible.

But between Bumble’s gender symbols, its icons and everything else, it can be difficult to keep up. So, hopefully this list of Bumble icons helps you identify exactly what they mean.

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