How many likes do you get on Tinder? Average daily likes received

You download Tinder, fill out your profile, upload your smartest photos and then expect the likes to start rolling in.

And usually they will – eventually. Though, not everyone receives the same amount of likes on the platform. Here’s how many likes you should be expecting if you’ve just signed up to Tinder.

How many Tinder Swipes do you get from others daily?

The amount of likes you get on Tinder from other users each day will vary based on your attractiveness and your gender.

It’s not uncommon for attractive women on Tinder to get 50 or 100 likes on a daily basis, including dozens of super likes on Tinder too.

Just like in real life, pretty girls and handsome guys get more attention than everyone else.

For most users though, a solid 5-10 likes on Tinder per day is a good average. If you’re getting less than a handful of likes each day, there may be something wrong with your profile.

It also depends greatly on your location. In London, you may get 100 likes a day easily. In the Scottish Highlands, you may be lucky to get 1 like a day depending where you’re located.

So in conclusion, if you’re wondering how many likes on Tinder is good for a guy each day, then anything more than 5 is considered solid.

How to get More Likes and More Matches on Tinder

If you’re trying to get more likes and more quality matches on Tinder, there are a couple of things you can do.

One of the best things you can do is make sure you have a good Tinder Bio. Your chances meeting others are increased by a solid online dating profile of yourself.

Doing this will ensure that people know everything they need to know about you – only supermodels can get away with one-word effortless bios and still get matches, so be prepared to put a little effort in.

Another great way you can get more likes on Tinder is to make sure you have the golden three photos every Tinder profile needsa face pic, a full body pic and a picture of you and friends doing something fun.

Finally, you can get more likes and matches on Tinder by broadening your search filters to try and find genuine connections. The wider they are, the more likes that you will get from Tinder.

You can also consider signing up to Tinder Gold or one of their Tinder premium plans, as features can make you more visible to other users.

For example, Tinder Platinum pushes you up to the top of other users messages, so you’ll end up getting more responses this way. Signing up for the paid version of Tinder is an easy way beat Tinder’s algorithm.

How many likes do you get to give on Tinder? (Free version, Tinder Gold etc)

The reason why some users don’t get that many likes can be down to the fact that giving likes on Tinder is restricted for some users of the platform.

This is only the case on the free version of Tinder, where you’ll be limited to anywhere between 25 and 100 likes per day. There is no strict limit to Tinder likes, and it varies based on the Tinder algorithm and other various secret factors.

So if you’re wondering how many free likes you get, there’s no set limit, but the estimate above is accurate for Tinder and most mobile dating apps.

Paid versions of Tinder all have access to unlimited likes, so you can go ahead and like as many profiles as you want. Unlimited swipes will obviously lead to more matches.

However, free users have to be a little more careful with who they’re liking each day, as free likes will eventually run out.

Why do dating apps limit likes?

Dating websites restrict swipe usage to effectively get people to sign up to the paid plans that they offer.

Eventually, you may end up feeling restricted by only having the ability to like a certain number of people each day. When your free swipes run out, the Tinder app becomes pretty boring.

Paying for premium services on apps like Tinder can give you access to unlimited likes on the platform, leading to a wider dating pool and eventually better quality matches.

So, if the standard for free versions of each dating app is limited to only a certain number of swipes each day, more users will sign up for the premium service.


There are no restrictions when it comes to the amount of likes you can receive on Tinder.

Most Tinder users who are new to the app will find that they probably get a lot of likes within a short amount of time, and then they slow down somewhat.

This is a normal part of the Tinder experience. Over time, by making sure that your profile and pictures and perfect, you should continue to get steady likes on the platform.

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