What is Bumble Boost?

Bumble is one of the top three dating apps you can currently download in the UK and the US, and the reason for this is the features that it offers. Though, the best features you’ll find on Bumble are reserved for their paid users.

The most popular premium subscription that the app offers is Bumble Boost. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Bumble Boost: What’s included?

When you upgrade to Bumble Boost from your free user account, you’ll immediately get access to a variety of different features.

But Bumble is pretty expensive, and can cost around £20 per month for users based in the UK. So for this sort of money, you want to know exactly what you’re getting.

The features that you get access to with Bumble Boost are;

  • Backtrack: The ability to rewind a left swipe and give them another chance.
  • Unlimited swipes: The free version of Bumble is limited to a certain amount if swipes each day. This cap is lifted with Bumble Boost.
  • Spotlight: Make yourself the centre of attention and get more matches from the Bumble app.
  • SuperSwipes (5 per week): When you see someone that you like, you a SuperSwipe to notify them immediately. They can then choose to match or not match you.

You get access to all of these additional features when you sign up to Bumble Boost.

Unlimited swiping can be extremely useful if you’re trying to get more matches from your Bumble account.

However, you will be missing out on some extremely useful features that Bumble Boost doesn’t have access to.

Alternatives to Bumble Boost

If you’re looking for more than Bumble Boost, you can look at the other package that the app offer, Bumble Premium.

As the name Bumble Premium suggests, this is the highest level of plan that the dating app offer.

As well as everything that’s includes in Bumble Boost, it also includes;

  • Bumble Travel Mode: The ability to change your location to somewhere else temporarily, like when you’re on holiday.
  • Filters: Use all of the Advanced filters that Bumble has access to, which can help you find your perfect match.
  • Beeline: The ability to see all of the people that like you already, which can save you a lot of time swiping.
  • Rematching users: The ability to rematch with expired matches.
  • Incognito Mode: In Incognito mode, no-one else will be able to find you on the platform aside from those you swipe right on.

These additional features may prove useful if you’re a daily Bumble user looking to get the most you can out of the app.

Though, the truth is that many users will be absolutely fine sticking with the Bumble Boost package.


Online dating is extremely popular, and one of the best ways you can get started is by upgrading to premium on your favourite app. For Bumble, their cheapest Bumble Boost is a great place to start.

In terms of paid and premium features, it offers a lot of benefits over using the free version of the app.

So if you’re looking to take your dating game to the next level, it may be worth checking out Bumble Boost.

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