The Best Pokémon Go Tweaks You Can Still Use

To run some of the tweaks I am going to mention in this article you will require an iOS device that is running a jailbreak due to Apple policies. All phones can run a jailbreak it does usually refer to iPhone (and no, It’s not illegal to jailbreak your phone!). The only way in which jailbreaking your phone or device is illegal is if you then run pirated programs on it as this does break the law. So if you choose to jailbreak your iOS device just make sure you don’t use pirated apps/programs on your phone and then there is no issue.

It is called ‘Jail’ breaking because it frees your device from restrictions that stop you from accessing your operating system’s root. It essentially allows you to use programs on your device that normally wouldn’t work, for example, an Android-only app can be installed on an iPhone that is running a jailbreak. Once you jailbreak your iOS device you will have a package called Cydia that you will need to access in order to add tweaks to your repositories.

So, what are the best Tweaks for Pokémon Go?

1) Pokepatch and Masterball

Niantic has added a feature in their program called jailbreak detection in Pokémon’s code that stops players from accessing Pokémon with a jailbreak on their phones. But there is a way around this. Installing Poke patch or Masterball will work around the jailbreak detection and allow you to play the App Store version of the game whilst still running your jailbreak. To install this app on your phone follow the process below:

  1. Launch ‘Cydia’ on your phone and proceed to install the normal Pokémon Go.
  2. Now add Ryley Angus’ repo by going to the ‘Source’ tab in ‘Cydia.’
  3. Go to ‘Edit’ then to ‘Add.’
  4. Then enter the following URL > http//
  5. Wait for Cydia to refresh the sources.
  6. Go to the Pokémon package inside the repo and continue to install it.
  7. Now reboot your device and boot Pokémon Go as normal.

You can also use Masterball as an alternate to Pokémon. To install the Masterball, follow the steps above, when you get to step 4 instead enter the following URL >

2) PokemonGoAnywhere

PokemonGoAnywhere is a tweak that circumvents going outside to play Pokémon, effectively you can play it from your couch. You can use the map, and move your avatar around it without ever having to leave the house.

To defend your phone from the Pokémon Go location cheat detection this particular tweak will walk your avatar around instead of teleporting it as you would usually see when playing outside. You may still get a warning that the location cheat goes against the Pokémon Go rules but this won’t lock you out of the game.

To download this tweak you can add > to your Cydia Sources as you did with Pokepatch or Masterball.


Sometimes the Pokémon Go servers get overloaded because of the number of users, this tweak allows you to pass time by playing Flappy Bird, without having to leave the Pokémon Go app at all. To add this tweak to your Cydia Sources add the following URL to your repos > http://

Pokémon Lock

If you don’t mind your battery being drained and your phone’s security lessened, you can try this tweak. This tweak allows you to add the game to your lock screen, bypassing your Touch ID and/or passcode. To add this tweak to your Cydia Sources add the following URL’s to your repos > http:/

SX – Pokémon Go

SX is a tweak made by Aroc that allows you to teleport, auto-walk, auto-spin, and auto-catch Pokémon. It creates a 7-minute loop around the coordinates you provide, you can set your item limit and it will automatically delete items once they go above the amount you choose to set. For this tweak, you require an account that you can log into the dashboard with in order to control the tweak. You can contact the developer Aroc, one of the moderators on Discord to request a username and a passcode.

To get in contact with the moderators you can go to the following Discord: > To download SX for Pokémon Go follow the process below:

  1. Add the packet manager to your sources:>
  2. Download and install ‘SX-Tweak.’
  3. Open the Pokémon Go app
  4. A red banner along the top of the screen will appear once you log in with the ID. Write down or screenshot what this red banner displays including spaces and hyphens and any case differences as this is case sensitive.
  5. Use the account details from the moderator to login to the dashboard: >
  6. Go to the Settings tab, probably easier to do this on a computer separately so you don’t have to switch tabs.
  7. Put in your Device ID that was provided in order for you to link the account to your device.
  8. Pick a hotspot from your device list, type in your own coordinates, choose your settings, and away you go.


In conclusion, nowadays, there are hundreds of tweaks for Pokémon, some super useful, some downright silly. I have listed a few of the most useful and fun you can use when playing Pokémon Go, just don’t forget if you jailbreak your phone, don’t run any illegal software on it because then you are committing a crime. Jailbreaking your phone is not an issue unless you decide to go off script and do that. Hopefully, now, you have some of the best tweaks on your device for you to go out and ‘Catch ‘Em All!’ so good luck and happy hunting.

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