What’s the best team in Pokémon Go?

If you’ve just downloaded Pokemon Go, you’re probably curious about which group would be best for you to join.

The truth is that it can be pretty difficult to know the difference, as it’s not explicitly stated which team is the best.

So, we took a look at the difference between Team Mystic, Team Valor and Team Instinct.

Which Pokémon Go team is best to join?

In short, the best team for most people to choose when starting Pokemon Go is going to be Team Mystic.

This is solely because Mystic has the highest amount of players on their team, meaning the game will be a little bit easier as you can quickly take gyms from your opponents.

However, in terms of actual gameplay there’s very little difference between these teams.

There are three teams in Pokémon Go that you are able to join when you hit level five in the game:

  • Team Mystic (Blue) – Blanche is the leader and Articuno is the Mascot.
  • Team Valor (Red) – Candela is the leader and Maltres is the Mascot.
  • Team Instinct (Yellow) – Spark is the leader and Zapdos is the Mascot.

But between the different teams you have to choose from, it can be tough to know which one you should pick. So, who should you go for if you’re looking for an advantage?

We’re going to take a quick look through them to see which one is the right choice for you.

Which team is most popular?

Many people will pick the same team as their friends – this makes sense, but picking a Pokémon team should not just be about who you know on that team.

The simple answer to this is;

  • If you want to play as an underdog then Team Instinct is the best choice.
  • If you want to play as part of the largest community you should choose Team Mystic.
  • And, if you want to be one of the biggest rivals to Mystic you should play on Team Valor, as it is a lot to do with who you are as a person.

I personally have played for Team Mystic when Pokémon Go first hit the scene, but recently made an account to play as part of Team Instinct because I always prefer playing on the team most likely to be underestimated.

Once you pick a team, unless you want to create a new account you are stuck with that team – you can’t switch to an opposing team later, so choose carefully.

To help you do that this article will look at the best team available in Pokémon Go.

What benefits does each team have?

The team you play on also comes with certain benefits which I have listed below:

  • Team Mystic – When you evolve Pokémon members of the Mystic team will have a higher CP after evolution.
  • Team Valor – You are able to catch Pokémon with a higher CP at a better catch rate than the other two teams.
  • Team Instinct – Eggs will hatch at a higher CP and you will be given more candies than the other two teams.

Out of these options Team Mystic members get the better end of the deal as the benefit they get as being part of that team is useful all the way through the game.

Whereas, for Instinct and Valor’s benefits, you will lose the use of your benefit because later in the game Pokémon hatches are capped at level 20 and wild Pokémon levels are capped at 30.

Team Mystic (Blue)

Team Mystic’s leader is the trainer Blanche. Essentially a super-intelligent nerd that creates a sense of community amongst players and members of the team.

The mascot for the team is the Icy Legendary bird Articuno. Team Mystic’s goal is to conquer and hold as many gyms as possible in any given area using logic and wisdom.

The Mystic team members will ‘study’ Pokémon they catch and figure out ways to make them as powerful as possible within game parameters.

Mystic is definitely the largest Pokémon team in existence and they kind of align with Team Instinct, think of the Liberal-Conservative coalition from back in the day, this is basically the same thing. They both hate, and I mean HATE, Team Valor.

Usually, if you are at a PokeStop you can tell who is playing on Team mystic straight away, they will be the ones collecting Magikarps to leave in gyms that they steal from Team Valor.

If we are talking about the best team to join, they are the biggest, tend to win the most, and have the benefit that is most useful so technically this is the best team to play Pokémon Go for if you are looking for an easy ride.

Team Instinct

Team Instinct is led by trainer Spark, though team leaders don’t matter too much. This team’s entire strategy is based on trust.

They believe that all Pokémon, even the weaker ones are innately talented in their own ways and they try to take over gyms by trusting their instincts and choosing Pokémon for battles carefully based on their abilities.

Although this type of thinking is logical, it is much harder to find Team instinct gyms as the community of players in this team tends to be smaller so their success just isn’t as apparent.

Personally, this is my favorite team to play because the strategy is exactly what playing Pokémon is about.

It just so happens that the other two teams are more jock-like in their approach so Instinct is often overshadowed.

Team Instinct may not be the best but they certainly try the hardest when it comes to winning and they are usually friends with those on team mystic so you have numbers on your side when it comes to being aligned with one of the primary teams.

Team Valor

The hated team, Team Valor, was led by Candela. Although they are probably hated so much because their goal is the best, they are aggressive about taking over gyms and catching Pokémon as well as battling their rivals.

As a team, the members tend to be obsessive about the game.

In the early hours of the morning, you will see the gyms in your area usually belong to Valor because they basically just go all night. If you’re competitive, they may be the best team for you.

Team Valor is really good honestly, but Instinct and Mystic literally hate them, so you are kind of alone within your community if you choose Valor.

If you want to get an advantage on your competition, you can consider using some Pokemon Go tweaks for Android devices to give you the upper hand.

This can be by locking your screen, catching any Pokemon without fail or even by teleporting to another location.


In conclusion, if you are playing Pokémon Go for the first time, I would suggest you go with Team Mystic, they are the biggest community, have the best benefits, and tend to come out of the top in general.

So I’d say technically they are the best team, but it all depends on you and how you enjoy playing the game.

If you don’t mind the rivalry, Valor is for you and if you don’t mind being the butt of peoples jokes from Mystic and Valor, Instinct is really fun to play.

Honestly I hope one-day Instinct just swell in numbers and take Valor and Mystic out completely, because overall I’d say we have the best combination of logic and instinct – which is exactly how you play Pokémon.

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