Wish app not working? Here’s how to fix that

Wish is one of the most popular apps when it comes to cheap goods, which offers a wide range of products at discounted prices.

From daily necessities to more specialised items, such as electronics and jewellery, Wish targets a wide range of audiences. There is something for everyone.

However, there are occasions when the Wish app may not work properly; whether that entails login errors, loading issues, a growing list of Wish orders pending or other potential dilemmas. If you’re having these sorts of issues, then this is what you should do.

Wish app not working? – What to do

If your Wish app isn’t working, then there’s a good chance that it’s an internet connection problem with your device. To fix this, you can go ahead and reset your Wi-Fi router or mobile data. After doing this, you’ll want to restart your device.

There is also a small chance that the app might be down because of the Wish servers. In this instance, there’s unfortunately not much you can do aside from wait for the servers to come back up.

But before that, you should do some troubleshooting to see if you can resolve the issue.

Internet Issues

When you open your Wish app, it can have issues loading. There may be a connection error notice that shows, or a never-ending loading screen. There are a few things that could be preventing the app from loading correctly, but the most common cause is the internet.

Firstly, try using something that requires a steady internet connection – e.g. a 10-20 minute YouTube video.

The video should play smoothly with little to no buffering if your internet is up and running well. If the video constantly buffers or doesn’t play, then try disconnecting and reconnecting to the internet on your device.

If the video still struggles to play well, then check your router to see if the indicator light is red. If so, there is an issue with your internet or router. Try turning it off and on again, before playing the video once more.

If the issue persists, then you can check if there are any problems with your internet provider by going on https://downdetector.co.uk/ and searching for your broadband.

Click on your broadband to see their recent outage reports in the last 24 hours. If there’s a high amount of reports, then your internet broadband is having problems. These should be solved in the next few days.


Server Issues

Ensure that the issue lies in your Wish app rather than Wish’s website or servers. An easy way to find out whether this is the case, is to go on the Wish website and see if you can access it.


If so, try logging in. If you can log in fine, then there should be no issue with Wish’s servers. The problem lies with the app.

Alternatively, if you find that you cannot access Wish’s website or you want to ensure that there are no server issues, you can go to https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/wish.com.html to check Wish’s server status.


If the status is ‘up’, it means the server is not down at the moment.

Restart Device

Your Wish app may not be working due to an issue with your device. Try restarting your device, and using the app again.

For Apple users:

Hold down the lock button on the right side of your phone until the option to ‘power off’ appears on the screen. Slide the switch to shut down your phone.


Then, after about 10 seconds, hold the lock button until the apple logo appears on the screen to start your phone again.

For Android users:

Hold down the lock button on the right side of your phone until the option to restart your phone appears on the screen. Press ‘restart’ to restart your phone.


Update Device

Your Wish app may not be working due to your device using outdated drivers or systems. Check for updates and download any that are available. Then, after updating your device, try using the Wish app again.

For Apple users:

Go to Settings > General > Software Update. If there’s an available update to download, press ‘download and install’ to update your phone.

For Android users:

Go to Settings > Software Update > Download and Install, to check for updates. If there’s an available update, download it to update your phone.

Update App

Your Wish app may not be working because you have an outdated version of the app. Keeping your apps up to date is essential to them functioning properly, as developers can fix any technical problems that occur.

So it’s a good idea to check to see if your app needs updating – if it does, go ahead and update it to see if that resolves the issue.

For Apple users:

Go to the app store, press on your profile picture, and press ‘purchased’. This will show you a list of all the apps you’ve downloaded. Find the Wish app and see if there’s an update option for it. If there is, press on it to update the app.

For Android users:

Go to the play store, and press on your profile icon. Then, press manage apps and devices to show a list of all your apps.

Press updates available to see if there are any updates for your apps. If there’s an update available for the Wish app, press the update option for it to update the app.


Reinstall App

If none of the solutions above made your app work again, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Wish app. Then, try using the app again.

For Apple users:

Press and hold the Wish app icon on your home screen. This should make a list of options appear. Press ‘remove app’ to uninstall the app.


This will cause another set of options to appear. Press ‘delete app’ to confirm the uninstallation.


A final set of options will then appear. Press ‘delete’ to start the uninstallation.


Finally, go on the app store, press on your profile picture, and press purchased to see a list of all the apps you’ve ever downloaded. Find the Wish app and press on the cloud icon to reinstall the app.

Alternatively, you could go on the app store and search ‘wish’ in the search bar to find the Wish app. Then, press the cloud icon to reinstall the app.

For Android users:

Press and hold the Wish app to make a row of options appear. Press the uninstall option.


A notice should then appear. Press ‘ok’ to confirm the uninstallation.


Finally, go to the play store store and type ‘wish’ in the search bar. Press the first search suggestion, which should lead you to the app’s page. Press ‘install’ to reinstall the app.

Contact Customer Support

If none of these solutions worked, then try contacting Wish’s customer support service for some more personalised help. You can go to https://www.wish.com/contact?hide_login_modal=true to find their customer support number.



To conclude, the cause for your Wish app not working may be due to an external party you have no control over, such as Wish’s servers or fundamental application issues.

If so, there’s not much you can do but wait a day or so before trying to open the app again. These issues shouldn’t persist for long. You’re not alone in having these issues. So, have patience and the Wish app should be up and running again soon.

If the reason your app isn’t working is due to a more personal issue, such as your device, then a more personalised solution would be most helpful. Contact Wish’s customer support service if none of the solutions above worked.

Don’t be hasty in trying to troubleshoot the issue yourself by undertaking more risky methods in case you damage your device. Seek professional help and I’m sure you’ll find a solution to your problem.

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