How to Fix Discord Invite Invalid or Expired – 4 Methods

Discord is one of the most popular messaging apps around. Users can connect directly to a server, or set up their own private servers, which helps keep your Discord organized. Typically, you can only join another server when you’re invited.

In some cases, you may find your Discord invite link invalid. This can be frustrating when trying to join a Discord server – we looked at the most likely reasons that this happens.

Why Is My Discord Invite Invalid or Has Expired? Why It Happens

If you’ve ever gotten a Discord invite, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen an error that the invite is invalid.

In fact, Discord invalid invite links are a pretty common issue, and they can be very frustrating. So, what’s the reason, and what can you do about an invalid error when trying to use an invite link?

If you’re seeing that your Discord invite has expired, it’s usually down to one of four different issues.

In some cases you may be able to fix things yourself by looking at your server settings.

Or, you may need to contact the server administrators to find out whether you’ve been banned from their server in the past.


Let’s go through all of the potential issues step by step and show what you can do to get up and running.

Reason #1 – An Incorrect Code

The first thing to do is just to make sure that you’ve entered the code exactly as it came to you. Discord codes are case-sensitive, so you may have made an error in copying or typing it.

“M6T4rw3” is a different code than “M6t4rw3.” The “T” is capitalized in the first, and in the second, it’s lower-case. Discord will interpret that as two different codes.

In this case, the fix is easy! Just double-check that you’ve entered the code correctly. That will always be the simplest solution if you have a direct link because you don’t need to worry about copying anything over.

Reason #2 – The Discord Invite Has Genuinely Expired

Discord invite links are often invalid because they’ve expired. Expiration times are set by the server owner and can span from minutes to forever.

So, if you’re clicking on an invite link that the owner sent days, weeks, or months ago, it might simply not work because it has expired automatically.

Here, you’ll need to contact the server owner and ask them to send you a new code.

Discord doesn’t have an option to request a new code automatically, but your original invite should have the correct contact information. Your invite link’s expiration date is set by the Discord servers owners.

Related to this, if you’re a server owner and encountering many duplicate requests, you can extend the invite expiration time in Discord’s settings.

Discord is exceptionally flexible, so you can make it work in whatever way works best for you! However, remember that Discord invite links expire, so use them within a certain timeframe.

You may also find that the owner wants to keep the Discord server private. In this case, the invite may have been revoked.

Reason #3 – You’re Banned from the Discord Server

If neither of the above options works, it’s possible you might have been banned from the server by an admin. Once an admin blocks you, it’s still possible to get sent an invite, but bans are IP-based, so the invite will not work.

There are many reasons why users can be banned from a server, whether a conflict or something accidental. We can’t help you figure out exactly why you got banned, but here’s what you can do to try to get a new invite link to the server.

If you still want to get on the server, contact a server admin and ask if you can be unbanned. Just like an expired link, your invitation will have admin contact information so you’ll know how to get in touch with them.

Note that the admin will need to unblock your IP and not your username, so if you have multiple accounts, you won’t be able to use a second one.

Reason #4 – The Server Limit Has Been Exceeded

The last possible reason you’d see an invalid Discord invite link is that you’ve exceeded your server limit.

You could have a perfectly legitimate invite code, but there’s a limit to the amount of existing servers you can join at any one time. How many servers is the maximum?

By default, Discord will allow you to be part of up to 100 servers at any time.

For the vast majority of users, that should be more than enough for you to avoid getting the dreaded error message. However, if you find that you’re using Discord enough to use that many servers, you do have options!

The easiest thing to do here is just to delete a few servers to open up the room. Even if you are part of 100 servers, maybe you’re not actively monitoring them all.

If you actually need more space, though, Discord offers a premium service called Discord Nitro which doubles the maximum number of servers you can be on to 200.


Discord is one of the most popular communications apps around.

It allows Discord users to connect in live time, share files, and chat by audio and video. It usually integrates with other apps very well (even if sometimes Spotify and Discord don’t work together!).

Because it usually works so well, that can mean it’s extra frustrating when you get an invalid Discord invite link.

Most of the time, these are caused by an IP ban, an expired invitation link or in some cases, the invite codes just being wrong.

The good news is that if you find yourself dealing with an invalid error link, don’t worry!

Just take a deep breath, go through the above steps, and you’ll be on a Discord server and chatting away with friends in no time. Good luck!


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