Spotify Not Showing with Discord? Here’s what to do

Connecting your Spotify account to Discord has a number of benefits. Not only does it allow for your friends and fellow server members to see what you’re listening to on your profile, but they can play the song too

Sometimes connections aren’t appropriately established between the two applications though, and this can be an issue.

Several different errors can occur, resulting in Spotify not working with Discord, and therefore not showing what you’re listening to. Here’s what to do if that occurs.

Why is Spotify Not Working With Discord?

There are a few reasons why your Spotify account is not working with Discord.

First, ensure you’re using Discord on a desktop computer. Your Spotify status message will only show when you’re using a computer and you’ve got a successfully connected Spotify integration.

If you change your password on Spotify, you may have to unlink and relink Discord as it may be using the old password.

If it’s not able to log in, it doesn’t have access to what you’re listening to, so make sure to link Spotify accounts to Discord properly.

If you’ve done all of this and it’s still not working, you may need to check your Discord settings. Let’s start with the most straightforward troubleshooting solutions and work up to the most difficult.

Change Discord status to online

There are issues with Spotify not working with your Discord account if your status message is anything other than ‘online.’

For example, choosing to appear offline or ‘do not disturb’ will prevent Spotify from showing on the profile.

Click your profile picture in the bottom left corner next to your username and choose ‘online,’ the option with the green circle next to it to set your status.


Test the connection by closing and reopening Spotify, then play a song and see if it appears on your profile.

In many cases, updating your status settings and ensuring that you’ve set your profile to online can be the best way to fix Spotify connecting with your Discord account.

Update Discord

Are you running the latest version of Discord? Each new version that’s released to replace the old version helps patch previous bugs and errors, including problems other Discord users have had. 

By making sure you’re using the most up-to-date version, you’ll have the best chance of your error already being identified and fixed in the code. 

Press Ctrl + R to refresh on Windows or Cmd + R on a Mac to refresh Discord and apply any applicable updates.

Once you update, refresh the browser or quit and relaunch the desktop application to implement the changes. Keeping your Discord accounts up-to-date is necessary when linking Spotify to the app.

Unlink and Relink Spotify to the profile

This is the most common solution that Discord users can try to integrate Spotify with their app.

By unlinking and relinking, you establish a new connection with the most current authorizations and login information. You can do this from within your Connection settings.

To Unlink: 

1. Open user settings which is the gear icon on the bottom left side of the screen. 

2. Look for the word ‘Connections’ and click it. This section will list all the applications that Discord can connect to and any applications previously connected.

3. If you successfully connected to Spotify before it will be listed below, click the ‘x’ next to Spotify to disconnect it. 

4. If Spotify is not listed, then the first attempt to connect was unsuccessful, and you can try to connect again. 

To Relink:

  1. Click the Spotify icon to open a connection dialogue box under’ Connect Your Accounts.’
  2. You’ll have to log in to Spotify to verify your identity.
  3. Authorize the application and agree to the terms and conditions to connect Discord.  
  4. You’ll see a message that the connection was successful, and Spotify will appear in your connected list.
  5. Ensure both toggles are green to allow Discord to display what you’re listening to on your profile and display Spotify as a status.

To test the connection, play a song on Spotify while logged in and check your profile to see if the ‘Listening to Spotify’ message shows the song. 

If the current song shows, the problem is fixed! If it doesn’t, move to the next and last troubleshooting tip. 

Reinstall Discord and Spotify

If you’ve tried all the solutions up to now and it hasn’t worked, it’s time to try the final solution. This involves going back to a fresh install and starting from the beginning – relinking Spotify tour Discord app.

This can take a while, as you’ll need to do this for both the Discord desktop app and the Spotify app too. What it will do though is clear the temporary cache files that might be causing your connection issue.

  1. Log out of Discord and Spotify, and close both applications. 
  2. Uninstall both applications. 
  3. Download new copies from the Discord and Spotify official websites
  4. Reinstall the applications.
  5. Log in and test by playing a song on Spotify.
  6. If necessary, follow the steps above to unlink and relink Spotify to Discord.

Getting Spotify and Discord to play nicely together may take a few steps and require multiple troubleshooting steps. 

Once you have accomplished it, you shouldn’t need to do it again unless you change your Spotify password. 

If none of the above troubleshooting options work, contact Discord directly to open a support ticket.  

Check Voicemod

If you’ve installed and are using Voicemod on your Discord account, then sometimes this can cause issues when you’re trying to stream music at the same time with your Spotify.

A typical Discord issue is that you can’t hear Spotify playing through your device, and Discord users worldwide have reported this issue.

This is most likely to be a problem with your device’s audio settings themselves, and not something you can fix through your Spotify account or Discord.

Instead, you’ll likely need to go into your System Preferences > Sound, and make sure that you’ve got your audio output going through your speakers. This should be enough to fix the issue.


So, remember that you need to be logged in on a computer to see a Spotify status message – it won’t show on mobile, even if you’re a Premium subscriber.

If the other person pays for Spotify Premium, they can join in and listen along with you (though depending on your music taste, you may need to use Poll Bot to decide on what to play!).

Hopefully, you can now show others what excellent taste in music you have, and you can listen to songs with your friends. Or, if they have Spotify Premium, you can share DJ responsibilities – all while chatting on Discord.


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