How to Use Poll Bot on Discord – Step by Step Tutorial

Discord is one of the most popular online gaming communities. It hosts a ton of active users who communicate with group messaging servers created for virtually any topic. 

As Discord has widened its span of users, new Discord bots have become more frequent. These artificial intelligence tools work to serve tasks and add functions to a server.

There are plenty of helpful and popular bots on Discord, such as Toll Bot, Probot, Rhythm Bot, Carl Bot, Groovy Bot, Dyno Bot, OwO Bot, or Mee6 Bot, which you can use to self assign roles automatically.

Some of these bots can be found on the Discord app and Discord browser, and others you can integrate with your channel online.

If you have never used or heard of Discord bots before, they might sound hard to use. While some of them are more complicated, Poll Bot is not. Let’s go through how to use Poll Bot on Discord.

How to Use Poll Bot on Discord – Step by Step

Poll Bot is one of Discord’s most reliable and frequently used polling bots, with a server count of 131,000. Its tools make it simple to gather server-related feedback in real-time.

Poll Bot is for creating polls using reaction, multi-reaction, and Strawpolls. Whether using the Discord app or Discord browser, using Poll Bot is easy and only takes a few minutes to understand.

If you have not yet, you can go to or to create your account first. Make sure to create a dedicated channel for your Discord bot.

Navigate to Top.GG. You can use Top.GG to find all the latest bots, helpful information, and comments shared by other Discord online users.

In the search bar, enter “Poll Bot.” Click the Invite button. A box will appear to sign in to Discord and select the server you want to add.

There are various different Poll Bots to choose from, with EasyPoll being the most well known. As the name suggests, it allows you to easily create polls in your server. You can easily head to Easypoll.Bot and invite the bot to your server.


Next, open your Discord browser and select the server where your bot was authorized. Choose a channel to enter your poll. If you like, you can also create a new channel just for your polls.

Choose a channel to enter your poll. If you like, you can also create a new channel just for your polls.

You can do this by starting a channel with a name such as “Poll-Channel,” and adjusting the settings so that only you can make polls and leave replies, but others can still vote on making polls. 

Select Permissions and tag “@everyone” in the box below Roles/Members. Select “Yes” only to “Read Messages” and “Add Reactions.” This way, your polls will be easy for everyone to find and will not get buried by other comments. 

However, there are different forms of poll you can select on your Discord server – from a multi reaction poll to a simple yes/no poll question, which can be the best thing for the average person.

How to Create a Yes/No Reaction Poll

“/” is the prefix used for Poll Bot polls. To start, type “/poll,” and then With some other bots, you’ll have to type your question in the same line. 

But with Easypoll Bot, you can select your question after entering /poll into the Discord channel.

Example: start with “/poll”, then wait for question to appear. Then, enter in your question, for example; “Do you like using Poll Bot?”

The poll will look like this:


Once you have entered this, you will see your question show up on the channel as a poll, with the “Thumbs up” and “thumbs down,” reaction buttons below. This is the simplest way to create a simple poll in your Discord channel.

Hit “Shift+Enter” and tag “@everyone” in the line below to notify everyone on the server. You can add notes about the poll here as well. Users on your channel will be able to click the notification to read and react to your poll. 

If you forget any of your commands along the way, you can type in /help in a channel to see command instructions.

How to Create a Multi-Reaction Poll

For multi-choice reaction polls, you will use the same method of entering /poll, then selecting your question and entering it.

However, this time you’ll also enter in the different answers to give multiple choices – sounds hard, but don’t worry as it’s super easy.

Example: /poll question What did you eat for breakfast?

Then, you’ll see the option to enter in different answers. For this one, we’ll use Oatmeal, Eggs, Cereal.

The poll will then appear with your question and the answers listed below, beside alphabetical emoji buttons. It will look like this:


What did you have for breakfast?

  1. Oatmeal
  2. Eggs 
  3. Cereal 

You can play around with entering different commands into the message box, and you’ll get different options depending on what you want to create.

How to Create a Straw Poll

As an alternative, if you don’t want to install a Discord bot, you can easily create a multiple reaction poll by using Strawpoll. To create a Strawpoll on Discord, type “+strawpoll {Your question} [answer 1] [answer 2] [answer 3]”.

You will see a reply pop up with a link to “Strawpoll.Me”. Channel members can then click on the link, which will take them to the Straw poll where they can vote.

The Strawpoll layout is the same idea as the multi-Choice poll on Discord, but with blank circles to click on instead of reactions.

When your Straw poll is complete, you can then share it on other platforms.


Bots sound difficult to use if you have never tried before, but learning Poll Bot on Discord is not hard.

Using Poll Bot’s Reaction, Multi-Reaction, and Straw polls, you can gather concise data from people through your servers in real-time. 

All you need to do is enter all of the different possible answers that you can potentially find for your server members to answer.

There are ways to create simple reaction polls without using bots by simply asking a question and offering two different reaction boxes for others to click on for their answer.

However, you might find people using different emoji reactions than the ones you requested. Using a bot like Poll Bot makes things simpler.

If you still want to know more about polling bots and how to use Poll Bot on Discord, find news and information by following Discord online on Twitter, or r/Discordapp on Reddit.

If you want even more customization, you could look at extensions like Better Discord, which can do things like give you the ability to change your Discord background. This can help to make your Discord experience more enjoyable, and give you more control over your display.

You can also look at the various other bots available at that allow you to create polls. They range from the most simple poll bot through to others that allow you to send and track invites, embed forms and much more.

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