When is the best time to boost on Hinge?

Your Hinge profile needs love, and if you’ve created it properly, you should receive likes on your photos and the opportunity to chat with others. However, one way that you can gather more attention on your profile is to use the Boost function.

But boosting on Hinge requires knowing exactly what it can do for you and how you can use it correctly. Here’s what to consider before you start using your boost feature.

What is Boost?

Basically, when you Boost on Hinge, you’re going to send your account into overdrive in terms of visibility.

Instead of popping up just occasionally in other people’s Discover feed, you’ll be pushed to the top of priority.

This means that you’ll end up getting a lot more matches with people within the Hinge app, and more users will comment and like your photos.

If you find that you’re not getting much attention from Hinge, using the Boost feature could be a good way to become instantly more popular.

Hinge says your profile is displayed to 40x more people compared to the standard, so it really does boost your profile into a new dimension.

Boost vs SuperBoost

There are two different types of Boost that you can use within the Hinge app – a boost and a super boost. This can end up being pretty confusing for users, but the difference between the two is pretty clear.

A boost will make sure that your profile appears in the feeds of others for one hour, whereas a super boost will push your profile into their feed for twenty-four hours.

This is a dramatic difference, and it can lead users into wondering when they should use their boosts.

The Best Time To Boost On Hinge

During the weekdays, the most amount of users are scrolling on the Hinge app. The weekday evenings are a great time to use an hour boost.

Friday evenings were the busiest time of year for the Hinge dating app last year, so it makes sense to use your boost feature at this time.

Evenings tend to be good times to increase your visibility, mainly because people usually have much more free time to spend on dating apps at night than on their days off.

Sunday nights are also a great day to use your boost too. Just remember t improve your Hinge profile and make sure it’s perfect before you use your boost.

Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting your boost, and you won’t get any matches on your profile than you’d normally get.

How To Activate A Hinge Boost

The easiest way for you to use the Hinge Boost feature is by simply going into the Likes You Tab.

Here, you’ll find the Boost button – remember, you can only use this if you have active Boosts left to use on the platform.

The other way that you can use a Boost if you have them available is by going to your user profile screen.

There’s also a Boost feature button here that you can use too – just remember to wait for the right time to use it.

Hinge Boost Vs Tinder Boost

Hinge and Tinder are both owned by the Match Group after Hinge was purchased a few years ago.

This means that many of the features are the same, and the Boost on Hinge and Boost on Tinder are very similar to one another.

The main difference is the timings – whilst a boost on Hinge will always last an hour or longer, on a Tinder boost will only last 30 minutes.


Using the Hinge boost temporarily increases visibility on your profile, which most users hope will lead to higher matches. This is the best reason to use a Hinge Boost, as you’ll then be able to get more matches on the platform.

Most users find that the best time to use a boost is in the weekday evenings, as that’s when there’s most users on the platform.

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