How many likes do you get on Hinge?

The Hinge dating app has become a favourite in both the UK and across the world – it feels a little more personal than Tinder, and the ability for a user to send Hinge likes is quite sweet.

However, it’s quite different from most online dating sites. And it’s not like social media – you receive significantly lower average likes per day. So, just how many likes do you get on Hinge photos each day? We took a quick look.

How Many Likes Do Hinge users get?

The correct answer is that if you’re a free Hinge user, you get eight likes per day. This will reset every 24 hours, so you’ll effectively get 56 likes per week if you make the most of your allowance.

If you want to upgrade to a Hinge Preferred membership, then the 8 like cap on your likes limit will be removed.

This means that you’ll get unlimited likes on Hinge, which can dramatically increase the amount of matches and connections you can make on the platform.

This is the only way that you can get more likes on Hinge – it’s not possible when you’re a free Hinge user. So, upgrading from the free version to a premium subscription may be worth it if you want more potential matches.

Are there any alternatives to Hinge likes?

If you’re looking for another way to reach out to someone on Hinge, there are a couple of things that you can do on the dating app.

First, commenting when you like another person’s profile on the platform is a good idea if you want to make the most of your limit.

Comment a compliment when you like the other person’s profile pictures and you’ll be able to get more matches for your daily budget.

Another way that you can get in touch with other users on Hinge is in the new standouts tab. Here, you can send other Hinge members a rose.

Roses are pretty much identical to a super like in Tinder. It is more effective than just liking their profile photos, as it shows people you appreciate them a lot more.

It may be helpful in getting them to respond to you as when you match, it means that you’re making a little extra effort.

Be careful though – roses are even more scarce than likes are on the platform. You’re limited to only one rose per week on Hinge, and if you run out, you’ll have to buy more.

Why does Hinge limit your likings?

Hinge limits how much a customer can like so that you eventually end up paying for an upgrade to Hinge Premium Membership.

In Hinge Preferred, the user has unlimited likes across as many different profiles as they wish.

Restricting free accounts is one way that Hinge can get users to pay for a premium account, and actually in comparison to some other dating apps, Hinge is worth the money.

Most popular dating apps will restrict the amount of likes you get, and Hinge is no different in this.

How many likes a day do Hinge users get?

Because there’s a limit to the amount of likes that you can give out, this does mean that they’re a little more rare than most other dating apps and social media platforms.

However, Hinge still has millions of paying members that have unlimited likes to give out each day.

This means that the amount of likes you may receive on your photos can vary dramatically. If you’re a guy, then it’ll typically be harder to get likes, especially if your Hinge profile isn’t optimised.

However for girls, it’s not uncommon for you to receive a ton of likes all in the same day due to the way that Hinge works. And if you use a Hinge Boost, you’ll probably get even more.


Hinge is an online dating platform which lets users meet other singles near them. The app is perfect if people want to go outside of their comfort zone with limited options.

After matching someone, you can still send messages to anyone. The ability to get unlimited Likes requires Hinge Premium members.

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