What is the green dot on Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison’s reputation is well established at this point. It is known as being the first online dating platform geared toward the extra-marital sphere, which helped the company to receive a lot of media attention.

However, not all of that attention has been good, though most users agree that actually the app itself is easy to use when messaging others. This includes knowing when other members of the site are online.

Green dot meaning on Ashley Madison

The green dot on the Ashley Madison app simply indicates that the other users is online. So, when you see a green dot next to the other persons name, you can be sure that they’re read your message within a short timeframe.

In comparison to this, you may not find any dot next to their name, which indicates that the user is currently offline. This is similar to other dating apps, though they often have a red or blue dot to indicate that the other person is offline instead.

When a user is online, you can be sure that they’ll get back to you quickly – though this isn’t always guaranteed when sending a message on the platform, and you may need to wait a while.

Messaging Members on Ashley Madison

You’re probably already aware that both men and women can start conversations on Ashley Madison free of charge – unlike Bumble, which only allows women profiles to make the first move.

It’s good news for both genders. The truth is that Ashley Madison is filled with men, and a high percentage of their users are guys looking for a quick affair.

This means that if you’re a guy using the platform, you’ll need to put it a little effort to get a response, especially if you’re going to be messaging younger women.

Does Ashley Madison have Bots?

Ahsley Madison is a nice site, and the app functions well on both iOS and Android. However, like POF and many other sites, in recent years it has definitely had an issue with bot accounts.

You can usually tell these bots from real people by looking at their profile picture, their username and their bio. With bits, this information is often strange in some way – obvious spelling mistakes and broken language is common.

Bots can be found on many internet dating sites, and Ashley Madison is no exception. This is why it can pay to put a little extra effort into finding the best dating app for your own personal needs.

Ashley Madison. Safety & Security

Ashley Madison had a major security issue back in 2015. The website’s database was hacked and identifying information was shared – this is one of the most well known dating site data breaches.

Despite it having a negative effect on the platform, it has allowed them to deal with security concerns as well. There are still tens of millions of active Ashley Madison users on the website and app frequently.

The company has been attempting to improve their security significantly ever since. It’s an important indicator that companies care about security matters, but unfortunately they’ll be remember for their previous breach for a long time to come.


Ashley Madison is a popular adultery site that allows thousands of singles and attached people to find relationships at a low cost.

It’s one of the most well known online dating sites, though in recent years it has come under fire for a lack of security and many bot users on the platform.

However, the user design of Ashley Madison is pretty good, including the ability to see when other users are online or offline.

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