What do roses mean on Hinge?

Hinge is one of the more popular apps for dating, and this is because it has a few features that are different from other dating apps. One of these features that some new users do not understand is roses.

If you’ve just joined Hinge, giving or receiving roses may seem like a bit of a foreign concept. Actually, they’re pretty easy to understand – here’s what you need to know about roses on Hinge.

What are Hinge Roses?

Hinge Roses are intended to make the platform a little different than other dating apps, and at first it seems unique.

However, it’s actually very similar to Super Likes on the Tinder platform, or SuperSwipe on the Bumble dating app.

They all function in pretty much the same way (remember that the same people that own Hinge also own Tinder, so there may be some similarities).

You can send a rose to your preferred partner pretty easily by using the new Standouts section within the app – they are both linked to one another.

How To Send Roses On Hinge

It’s actually pretty easy for you to send roses to other uses when using the Hinge app. You can find your rose is visible within the apps standout tab. You can find this by tapping the star icon in your menu.

You’ll see the current number of Roses that you have is displayed above the Rose button – there’s an obvious Rose icon there to indicate the Rose feature.

You can then tap on the rose button to prompt the rose feature – then hit Send Rose to deliver the rose to the other user.

Benefits of using Send A Rose

The main benefit of sending a rose to other users on the platform is that it will make you stand out from the crowd.

Your profile may get lost amongst the crowd when you’re trying to get the attention of someone that you like. This is normal, and it’s more common for guys than it is for girls.

Roses can help you to cut in line and make you stand out from other users of the platform that just like their photos (and remember that for free users Hinge likes are limited too).

And if it works, you’ll get a message back so you can start a conversation with the other person, and hopefully a long term romance.

How many roses do you get on Hinge?

You only get one free rose each week in the Hinge app. This means that users are usually pretty scarce with them, so if someone sends you a rose you can tell that they seriously like you.

Saying this, you can buy more roses on Hinge by going into your Hinge account and searching for the Rose icon.

They’re actually quite expensive, with each rose costing users $3.99 (and the same £3.99 in the UK, meaning they’re even more expensive for us!).

Your free rose will reset each week on a Sunday, so it’s usually worth waiting until you get another one to send it.

However, keep in mind that your roses won’t stack up if you do not use them. So, get sending those roses at least once a week to make the most of them.

How are roses connected to standouts?

Roses are connected to standouts because there’s no other way that you can use your roses on Hinge outside of the standouts tab.

You can only give roses to other Hinge users via Standouts, so they’re pretty heavily linked to one another.


In conclusion, Hinge is a dating application that aims to build strong, long-term relationships. One way that they attempt to do this is by adding in new features like the Standouts tab and the ability to give roses.

Hinge prides itself as the relationship app that features a user-friendly interface, and giving weekly roses to other users integrates into that quite well. It’s a good way to show interest in another users that goes a step further than simply liking their photos.

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