What is the green heart on Tinder?

Tinder is a online dating app popular across the world, and it’s well known for its swiping functions.

You can swipe left on those you’re not interested in, and swipe right on those that you are interested in. Pretty simple, and it works well.

Eventually, Tinder has ended up adding a variety of different features to the app, with more and more icons appearing on your Tinder interface.

One of these is the green heart icon, and some users still aren’t sure exactly what it means.

Tinder Green Heart Icon Meaning

Tinder’s green heart icon is basically a like button – if you press it when it appears next to someone’s profile photo, you’ll like the other person on your account.

And if they like you back, you’ll then be matched and able to start a conversation with other another.

It’s exactly the same as swiping right on someone in the Tinder app. This is how Tinder matches people, so make sure to press the green heart on any potential matches you want to chat with.

A green heart in messages

If you see a green heart in your messages, this is actually different to the green heart that appears next to the profile picture.

You can like individual messages in your Tinder app too – this can be useful when you have nothing to say to the other user but want to let them know that you’ve seen their message.

A green heart on Tinder doesn’t always mean the same thing, so it’s important to know that it can be both in matching and in messages.

An empty green heart

If you can only see an almost empty green heart next to the other person’s profile photos, this means that you’re out of Tinder likes for the day.

If this happens, you’ll have to wait until your account’s limits reset, and you can then get back to liking other people again.

Alternatively, you can sign up to Tinder Gold or a paid Tinder account, which will give you the ability to like more people and get more matches.

The Red X icon

At the other side of the users profile photo, you’ll be able to see a red X button that you can press.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, this is just an unlike button, which is effectively the same as swiping left on the persons profile.

If you don’t want to match with someone, you can swipe left or you can use the Red X instead.

And if you want to match someone, you can swipe right or use the heart icon to like the other person’s profile.

If they like or swipe right on your photo, you’ll then be matched with each other.

And if there’s no-one coming up in your Tinder feed, this means that you ran out of people to match with.


If you don’t understand what all of the Tinder app icons mean, then don’t worry, as you’re not alone. The app is continuously adding and testing new features, which can make it hard to keep up.

One feature that was added a while ago was the Green Heart and Red Cross to the Tinder card deck. All this represents is an additional way to swipe left and swipe right on the platform without actually having to swipe.

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