Ran out of people on Tinder – The reasons

Tinder is still the most popular dating app, with millions of users in the UK and US flocking to the platform to find love.. and more.

The Tinder experience relies on giving you new matches that you can find after both of you swiping right. However, there are some Tinder users that quickly run out of people to match on their profile.

So, what can you do when Tinder won’t find anyone? Here’s what you should do if you run out of people to chat to on Tinder.

Increase your distance

Increasing the distances that you’ve opted for within your settings with allow matches from wider distances to be able to find you.

Users from nearby cities and towns will then be able to see your account, as your larger distance will allow you to find people in a new location.

You can increase your distance within your Settings, and it’s the easiest way for you to get matches without having to pay to upgrade your Tinder account.

Change location

Tinder also offers the feature Tinder Passport – this can be unlocked when you upgrade to a Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold account.

This allows you to change the location that you’re looking for matches in. If you live outside of a big city, you can easily change your location to the nearest city to you.

This will give you access to a whole host of new people that you can potentially match with, making it more likely you’ll find someone to match.

Increase the like limit

Another thing you can do when you register for Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, which both allow for unlimited liking.

More likes equal more matches, and when you have an unlimited capacity, it’s much easier for you to spread your profile across other users on the platform and increase your visibility.

Tinder also introduced Superlike, which means you can let someone know that you’re super interested in them. If you see someone you really want to match, it’s definitely worth using this to get their attention.

Widen the age range

Having your distance widened can help, but you also may want to consider the age of the person you’re looking to meet.

You can find the age slider in your Settings, and it’ll easily allow you to adjust the age of people that you’re looking to meet.

If you’ve narrowed it down to people within only a few years of your age, it may be worth accepting people that are a little bit older or younger to get more matches.

Switch Up Your Tinder Bio

The first thing that your potential match will see before they swipe left or right is your β€œAbout Me” section.

You have the opportunity to connect with the other person in 500 characters, so you need to make every work count.

An attractive bio is a massive factor in whether the other user will match or not, so make sure to spend some time – just don’t mention your ex and a past relationship!

Give yourself a boost

Tinder allows you to boost your profiles for 30 minutes – doing this can 10x the amount of users that see your profile, which in turn ends up resulting in more matches.

Tinder Plus subscribers receive a free boost, or you can purchase boots from the Tinder store.

If you’re struggling to make new friends and get matches on your Tinder profile, it can be worth giving a boost a go to see if this makes a difference.

Refresh your Tinder pictures

One reason you may not be getting as many matches as you’d want is that you’re not refreshing your Tinder photos.

Your photographs are what the other user sees immediately, and if they don’t like them, you’re extremely unlikely to get a match.

Filling out all of your pictures will give you a more rounded profile, and it’ll give your matches the ability to see what you look like from all angles, in all situations.

Check Tinder servers

In order to see which matches you’ve found on Tinder, first see the status of your account.

Tinder servers may be facing technical issues, which could be stopping you from seeing the users that you’ve matched on the platform – you can check Tinder servers here.

When an issue occurs in the platform, the best thing to do is check whether their servers are down, as this is a possible cause of your problem.


Millions of people use the dating app Tinder, and the numbers joining the platform don’t look like slowing down any time soon. Though there are apps like Tinder, none of them have the features available on the platform.

Unfortunately, you may have limitations if you’re in a remote location outside of big cities like London. When a user matches their profile, after some time the application will tell the user that you are missing ‘likes’.

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