What does the red dot on Tinder mean?

Tinder still dominates the app store when it comes to downloads, and in both the UK and the US, it’s the most popular app when it comes to dating.

However, for some people the Tinder app can be confusing. With a host of different features and memberships, it’s easy to see why some users find Tinder puzzling.

One of the most common questions users have about Tinder is what the red dot means when you see it pop up when browsing through the app.

Red Dot on Tinder meaning

A red dot on Tinder usually indicates that you’ve got a new match on the platform. It can also mean that you’ve got new messages that you need to check in the Tinder platform.

Tinder red dots are not a bad thing – they generally mean that the Tinder algorithm likes you, and you’re visible enough to appear in the feeds of other Tinder users.

The most likely reason you’re seeing a red dot in your Tinder account is because of new matches. When they appear, a red dot will also show up next to their name.

As mentioned, it can also mean a new message. You’ll see this in your main display, and when you click through to your Tinder inbox, you’ll be able to see exactly who’s messaged you.

Though the red dot is undoubtedly the most common you’re likely to see on Tinder, it’s not the only colour dot you may come across.

Other dots – What does the green dot on tinder messages mean?

The other dot that many other Tinder users get confused with is the green dot, which usually shows up next to the profile of another user in your Tinder messages.

This green dot is an indication that the other person has been online recently. In Tinder terms, recently active refers to the last 24 hours.

So if the person has been on the Tinder app within the last hour or so, they’ll have a green dot next to their profile picture in your messages.


In conclusion, if you find a red dot on Tinder, it’s an indicator that you’ve got a new match on the Tinder app.

If you click into your match list, you should find new matches there in the list – after you view the match, the red dot will eventually disappear as a notification.

It could also mean that you’ve got a new message from someone that you’ve already matched with in your Tinder inbox. The red dot is simply a notification icon that shows when there’s new activity in your account.

So when you see a red dot, this is usually a good thing, as it shows you’re getting attention from others.

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