What is BT app extra, and should you get it?

BT are a huge brand that offer a wide breadth of services to customers in the UK, from broadband and landline to TV and mobile. As with any large company, they are always looking to expand and improve which has seen them move in to the world of mobile phone apps.

These apps all either compliment or support one of their services and they currently boast a number of different apps on the app store, including the BT Sport app, My BT and BT email. The app we are looking at today, however, is BT TV App Extra. In this article we will look what the app’s purpose is, who it’s for and how much it costs. Let’s get stuck in.

What is BT app extra – The quick answer

BT TV App Extra is an app that is only worth getting if you are an existing BT TV customer. It’s an app that essentially gives BT customers the opportunity to enjoy a multiroom experience in their homes. Through the app, customers are able to watch TV programmes on channels such as BT Sport on the big screen, without any additional boxes, in up to two other rooms in their home.

The app can be downloaded on smart phones and televisions and requires all users to have registered login information to be able to use the service. It comes at a cost of £5 per month on a rolling contract meaning that you can cancel the add-on at any point if you feel that you aren’t getting value for money with the service. It’s worth noting that popular channels such as Sky Sports aren’t available on BT app extra so if you are wanting to access such channels via an app then you will need a Sky Sports subscription and Sky Go.

Though sometimes you may find the BT app not working, it’s actually one of the better apps out there for most people, as it can be easy to watch your favourite shows whilst on the go.

Download your favourite shows

One of the best features of BT TV App Extra, in addition to the the multiroom access, is the fact that it allows users to download their favourite shows on to the app to allow them to watch while offline. This is perfect for those who access the app via a mobile device because downloaded shows won’t use up any of their mobile data if they’re trying to watch on the go without Wi-Fi.

It isn’t just standard television shows that are available to download, either. Customers are able to download shows that they’ve purchased or rented from the BT TV Store too meaning that some of the best and most popular films around will be available to watch at any time via BT TV App Extra.

Comparing to other BT apps

As mentioned earlier there are other BT apps on the market at the minute which BT customers may find better use for, if after reading this you realise that BT TV App Extra isn’t for you. Let’s quickly summarise some of their other, popular apps currently available on the app store:


The BT TV app is basically BT’s answer to Sky Go. Through this app, BT TV customers are able to live stream channels that they pay for through BT TV such as BT Sport and also watch programmes on demand. All that’s needed to access this service is an active BT TV subscription, login details and an internet connection.

BT Sport app

This app is for BT Sport customers who want to watch live sport on the go. The app can also be used as a hub for the latest sports news and to watch video clips from the latest big sporting events shown on BT Sport. Again, to access this service you need an active subscription, login details and an internet connection.


This app is for anyone who has an active subscription with any of BT’s services, including television, broadband, and mobile. It’s a way for customers to keep up to date with their bills and usage information to avoid being stung by any unexpected bills.


The BT TV App Extra app is a cool app to have, but not essential, for BT TV customers. If you live in a house with a large family, though, then it might be something worth considering so everyone can watch what they want in separate rooms. For £5 a month, BT have made the app affordable which is also a reason why so many people sign up to it.

We hope that this article has helped you to understand what BT TV App Extra is and how it differs to other BT apps. For more information on a whole host of other apps, please check out our huge catalogue of articles.

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