Why have my Tinder likes and matches disappeared?

Tinder is still insanely popular, and the swiping card stack system they use works to keep people engaged in the platform.

Though, some people find that users in their match list suddenly disappear. This seems to be a fairly rare issue, though it can happen – both your likes and your matches can disappear from your account.

This can be extremely frustrating – especially if it’s someone that you’ve had a lot of conversations with.

But usually, there’s a good reason why someone has disappeared from within your account – it doesn’t just happen randomly. Here’s the most common reasons why other users disappear from your matches on Tinder.

Your match went AWOL

The most likely reason that someone will disappear from your Tinder matches is that they have deleted their account.

When another user deleted their account, they’ll be removed from all of your likes and matches too, as they’re no longer a user of the platform.

This is the most likely scenario if you’re missing matches that were there previously. So if your matches disappeared from your tinder account, this is probably why.

It’s a Bot

In actual fact, there’s a chance that some of the Tinder accounts that you’ve matched with are actually not even real people.

Though the app does a better job than many other dating apps out there, Tinder does still have some bots that frequent the problem. These bots can like and match with other users of the platform.

And if one day they eventually disappear from your account, there’s a chance that the user was a bot all along.

They unmatched you, or you swiped left

Unfortunately, love can hurt. Every now and then, you may have matched with someone you thought was the one, only form them to disappear from your matches.

If this happens, they may have unmatched you. It happens to all of us every now and then, even to extremely handsome and humble guys like me – so dust yourself off and move onto the next one.

If you’re finding users disappearing from your like list, then there’s a good chance that you had already swiped left on their in the past.

If this happens, they may appear their initially in Tinder Gold, but eventually the like will disappear.

Tinder is bugging out

Some Tinder users have reported that a few of their matches are missing because of a big.

If you’re only missing one match from your list, then it’s unlikely an issue with the Tinder app itself.

However if many of your matches disappeared from your account, then there’s a chance that it may simply be a software issue on Tinder’s side.

If you experience this, your best bet will be to message Tinder to let them know that all of your matches disappeared – this way, they can try to find a resolution.

Do Tinder likes expire?

Because Tinder likes disappear on occasion, this leads users to think that their likes may have an expiration date.

The answer is that no, Tinder likes do not have an expiration date, so you don’t need to worry about them disappearing after a certain period of time.

If your Tinder like disappears, it’s not because your like has expired – it’s likely due to one of the reasons listed above.


In conclusion, there are various different reasons why someone you’ve matched on Tinder may end up disappearing.

Typically, this is due to either the other person deleting their account or unmatching you – unfortunately, there’s no way to rematch on Tinder either.

However, there are some Tinder bots on the platform, so this is another potential cause of you losing people from your match list.

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