How does the Tinder algorithm work?

As the most popular dating app in the world, everyone wants to know exactly how Tinder works.

The app uses a simple swiping deck to allow people to match with other active users, however, the matching algorithm that Tinder uses is anything but simple.

Let’s look at Tinder’s algorithm to determine exactly how it works, and how you can make it work to your own benefit.

The Tinder algorithm: A black box

The truth is that no-one knows exactly what Tinder’s algorithms exist of, as the Tinder team are restricted from giving out too much information as to how the app works.

But we do know that Tinder is owned by the Match group, who also own Hinge, OKCupid,, Plenty of Fish and more, which can help us understand how the Tinder algorithm works.

It’s also logical to learn about Tinder algorithms. Doing this can give you an advantage over other users, as you’ll be able to create the best profile possible to ensure that people match you.

So what do Tinder’s mysterious algorithms consist of? Based on what we know about Tinder and other dating apps, here’s what to consider about the Tinder algorithm.

Tinder Profiles

Tinder uses everything about your profile to find you a match.

The matching algorithm includes using your bio to find relevant and related users that like the same things, and there’s even theory that Tinder uses image recognition to determine what’s in your pictures and if it’s relevant to other users.

Getting as many people to swipe right on you is the name of the game in Tinder. For this, you need a thorough and fun bio, a collection of excellent pictures in different angles, and you need to use the app regularly.

However, there’s no point in collecting matches with Tinder – and actually, past interviews with ex-Tinder employees indicates that being picky and swiping left can actually boost your visibility for other users.

This is because the app wants to find you more matches. So if you’re getting a ton of people swiping right on you but you don’t match any, the algorithm will keep working to find you a better suited person.

What is the Tinder ELO Score?

It’s been said for many years that Tinder uses an ELO score to match you with other users with a similar score.

Tinder users with higher ELO scores are also shown more frequently, so it makes sense that many users want to find ways that they can boost their score to get more matches.

Whether Tinder call it a score or an ELO rating system internally is another question.

However, based on what we already know, there are ways that you can effectively increase your Tinder score to get more matches.

Being selective about swiping on Tinder

Tinder certainly rewards those that are selective with their swiping, so don’t be afraid to swipe left on those that you’re not interested in, and only swipe right or use the green heart if you’re happy to message the other person.

Being more selective than most other users can make your Tinder Profile appear a lot more frequently to other attractive profiles.

Messaging your Tinder matches

Tinder will never reward a profile that matches a lot of people but never messages them.

If you’re going to match someone, be sure to actually engage with them, as it let’s Tinder know you’re an active user of the platform – a Tinder user’s behavior is the most important thing they consider.

It’s also a bad idea to unmatch other Tinder users after you’ve already matched them.

Doing this once or twice won’t be an issue, but if you do it continuously, Tinder may stop showing you to new matches.

Active use of the app

We know that a new Tinder algorithm was introduced many years ago that rewards those that are actively using the app on a regular basis.

This means logging into Tinder, swiping through potential matches and actually using the app on a regular basis can make your profile appear higher.

Location during use

The location you are when using the app is a key factor in the recommendations of profiles from Tinder.

If you’re in a remote location without many people there, you’re unlikely to be able to match with new people as there are limited people there in real life.

This is where Tinder passport can come in handy, as it allows you to enter various different locations in the app.

Use Tinder’s features

Tinder has a variety of different features that you can use, and the more that you use them, the greater your visibility will be. This includes using your regular boost or Super boost if you have one.

Of course, this often involves spending money and upgrading to Tinder Gold. However, it can be worth it if you ultimately want more Tinder matches


Because most people are unfamiliar with the Tinder algorithm, they don’t understand how they can use it to their own advantage. Tinder uses various data points to match you with others.

But knowing how the Tinder algorithm works and how it allows you to find new matches can help you customise your profile the right way, ensuring you only get matches that really count.

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