What Does The Clock Icon Mean On WhatsApp? Here’s Your Answer

Are you ever using WhatsApp and suddenly see a clock icon? Have you been wondering what it means? Well, look no further!

We’ll tell you exactly why this clock appears on the app and how to interpret it.

Whether you’re new to messaging apps or just need a refresher, this article has everything you need to know about the mysterious clock icon!

WhatsApp Clock Icon Meaning

The clock icon on Whatsapp can mean a few different things. Generally, it indicates that your message has been sent but not yet delivered to the recipient.

The clock appears when your message is still in transit, and will disappear once it has arrived at its intended destination.

In other words, the clock means that the person you’re messaging may not have seen or heard from you yet.

Sometimes, however, this icon may appear after a message has already been delivered; this usually occurs if you’re participating in an ongoing group chat and someone else hasn’t seen or read all of your messages yet.

This is because everyone in that conversation must view each post before it’s marked as ‘read.’

If someone hasn’t done so yet then the clock symbol will remain visible on their end until they get around to catching up with all of the posts.

It’s also possible for two clocks to appear next to one another, indicating that both parties are typing out a response simultaneously.

The double clocks should go away soon enough when one party finishes writing their reply and sends it off.

In summary:

  • A single clock icon indicates that your message has been sent but not yet delivered.
  • Two clocks side-by-side indicate simultaneous typing between both parties involved in the conversation.
  • After delivery (single or dual), these icons should go away after being viewed/read by all relevant participants.

This is the easiest way to explain exactly how the WhatsApp clock icon works in your app.

What Does the WhatsApp Clock Icon Represent?

The WhatsApp clock icon is a key symbol in this popular messaging platform. It represents the time that messages or other operations are sent and received.

This icon can appear next to all types of communications, including individual chats, group messages, photos and files shared between users, as well as other actions like when someone changes their profile picture.


The WhatsApp clock icon looks like a traditional analog clock with two hands pointing to 12 o’clock.

It’s usually grey-colored and appears beside any communication or action related to sending, receiving or changing something within the app.

Additionally, if you click on it you’ll be able to see the exact time when an operation was completed by looking at the timestamp given below it.

Messenger Operations

This icon will become visible whenever an action has been completed successfully within WhatsApp Messenger; for example:

  • When an individual message is sent out – The clock will appear beside your text once it’s been delivered to its recipient’s phone.
  • When a photo is shared – You’ll notice this symbol after confirming that your image has been uploaded correctly.
  • When someone changes their profile picture – The clock will display next to this new avatar once it’s saved on both phones involved in the conversation.

In some cases you may also notice two different icons displayed side by side – one depicting a checkmark (which means “sent”) followed by another showing the aforementioned clock (which indicates “delivered”).

That way you can keep track of whether your communications have actually reached their destination or not.

Overall, understanding what does the WhatsApp Clock Icon represent is essential for getting around within this very popular messaging application.

Since knowing how long certain operations take can help manage expectations accordingly and prevent misunderstandings from occurring between users.

In addition there are many more symbols used throughout Whatsapp which each signify something unique about its particular function – so make sure to familiarize yourself with them before entering into conversations!

Sending and Receiving Messages on WhatsApp With a Clock Icon

The clock icon appears when a message has been sent or received but not yet delivered. This means that it hasn’t reached its destination yet or been read by the recipient.

When you see this icon next to a conversation, it indicates that your message is being processed by WhatsApp’s servers before it goes through to the other person.

This process usually takes just a few seconds, so you should expect your message to be delivered shortly after seeing this symbol appear in your chat window.

You can also use the clock icon as an indicator of whether someone has seen your message or not; if they have seen it then there will be two blue ticks present instead of just one grey tick with the clock beside it.

If you’re ever unsure if someone has received or read a particular message then look out for these icons – if only one grey tick with a clock appears next to a conversation then chances are they haven’t opened up their app yet!

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